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A "normal" squid weighs between 100 and 400 pounds. The giant and colossal squid can easily weigh double this amount and the largest squid on record weighed around 1,100 pounds.

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How much does the average squid weigh?

There is no 'average' squid. There are some 300 species of squid, all have their own average sizes.

How much does the normal squid weigh not giant or collossal squid. normal AVERAGE squid?

The normal squid weighs approximately 10 stone.

How heavy does an average cucumber weigh?


How much does a giant squid weigh?

Weight of a giant squid;The weight of a giant squid is 900 kilograms.

How much does squid weigh?

Depends on the species of the squid.

How heavy is a average giraffe?

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How heavy is the average whale shark?

Whale sharks weigh about 13.6 tons.

How heavy can a giant squid get?

Giant squid are very difficult specimens to attain. With the little information that science has, it is estimated that females weigh up to 610 pounds (275 kilograms) with males lighter at 330 pounds or (150 kilograms).

How much does a squid weigh?

A squid usually weighs between 700 and 1000 pounds

How heavy is a giant squid?

300 pounds

How much does a vampire squid weigh?


How heavy does an average child weigh on mercury?

For every 100 pounds of a person's weight on Earth, he would weigh 37 pounds on Mercury. Every child is above average.

How much weight should be of one squid?

The weight of a squid depends on its species. Giant squid weigh up to 900 kg(1980 pounds) and the smallest species of squid weigh less than 700 mg (0.02 oz) when fully grown.

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They weigh 900 pounds on average. But they can reach up to 1600 pounds, which is twice as heavy as a Siberian tiger.

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Wedding dresses are very heavy. A good wedding would weigh nearly 5-10 kg.

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54 kg I am 13 and weigh about 8 stone

How much does a deep sea glass squid weigh?


How much does the smallest squid weigh?

about 3 or 5 pounds

What is the largest squid found and how much did it weigh?

20 kg

How large is the giant squid to the sperm whale?

Sperm whales measure to 59ft and weigh 50 tons. Giant squid can measure to 66ft at most but weigh at 606 pounds. So giant squid is longer but weights at fraction compare to sperm whale.

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How large does the average squid get?


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