How heavy is a 17hmr bullet?

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17 grains - ballistic tiped or 20grain in hollow point

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Q: How heavy is a 17hmr bullet?
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You want to buy your first rifle Is the 22lr or 17HMR the best bet for hunting varmints and occasional target practice?

I think the .17HMR would be a better choice all around, I have both and the 17HMR is better by far. The .22 bullet travels about 900'-1300' FPS and the .17HMR travels at 2200'- 2500 FEET PER SECOND.

Can you shoot a 17HMR out of a 22Magnum rifle?

NO! This will damage your rifle. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!This might also damage the shooter...A 17HMR's bullet is .172 diameter a .22 Mag is .224,and the difference in cases means theres gonna be some rupturing,damaging the gun and the shooter....DONT DO IT!!!!

What is a 17HMR?

17 caliber rimfire

What genre is Bullet For My Valentine considered as?

Heavy Metal.

How heavy is an average bullet?

You have asked a question that can't be answered. There is no such thing as an "average" bullet. Define what you mean by "average bullet" and maybe someone can help you.

How reduce velocity of bullet in air?

Shoot in a heavy fog

What models of guns use a 17hmr bullet?

There are dozens of models of rifles and a few revolvers that fire the .17 HMR cartridge. Rifles in that caliber are made by Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mossberg, Savage, Taurus and others.

Is the Savage Model 93 17hmr obsolete?

No not that I am aware of.

Why does Bullet for My Valentine wear chains?

becuse they are in heavy metal band

What does slug mean?

Slug could be a snail like animal. It could also mean one heavy bullet.

What power is a 17hmr rifle?

200+ ft. lbs at the muzzle

How heavy is a 9mm bullet?

For a 9x19 Parabellum, usually 95 to 150 grains.

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