How high can a rat jump?

Answers from the question "Can rats jump?":

In one research study, rats had a vertical jump was 50.5 cm (20 inches) after one week of training, and 76.0 cm (30 inches) after eleven weeks of training. The researchers were training male Sprague-Dawley rats to study the changes in their muscles.

reference: Pousson M, PĂ©rot C, Goubel F. "Stiffness changes and fibre type transitions in rat soleus muscle produced by jumping training." Pflugers Arch. 419(2):127-30 (1991).

Another answerer said: "They can jump vertically up to as much as 36 inches (91 cm) (3 feet). I have 2 pet rats and they love climbing and hopping from one thing to another."

the original answerer to this question said: "It depends on the species of rodent. If it is a very rare Japenese jumping rat then the height of the jump depends on the sex of the rat. males can jump 10 meters and females can jump 8.73 meters."