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The highest bird flight ever recorded was for a large vulture, a Ruppell's Griffon, which was struck by a jet at 37,900 feet.

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Q: How high can birds fly?
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Which birds can't fly high?

Chickens are examples of birds that cannot fly high.

Do goose birds fly?

Geese fly well, high, and for long distances.

Can birds fly higher than planes?

Birds and planes can fly at the same height, as high as 10,000 feet. However, airplanes can fly higher than that while birds cannot.

Why is birds covered in feathers and not in scales?

Cute question! Birds like to get high. Feathers allow birds to fly.

What is the difference between birds that fly and birds that don't fly?

What do you mean whats the difference.... birds that can fly, FLY and birds that can't fly, CAN'T. birds that fly is positive birds that can't fly is negative.

How high can lady birds fly?

10- 15 metres

How do birds fly so high?

They are light enough and have wings.

Why do birds fly toward high speed traffic?

the don't :|

How high does birds fly?

About 3.58 metres to 10.29 metres

Do all birds fly?

no all birds do not fly

How does chicken differs from other species of birds?

chicken cannot fly as high can the bird fly...

Why only birds fly?

It is not only birds that fly. Bats fly and they are not birds.

How high do birds fly?

Birds fly below 500 feet, except during migration. Flying higher than 500 feet will expose the birds to danger such as higher winds.

How high can a vulture fly?

i work at the Bronx zoo and i study birds a vulture can fly 20000 feet.

What are birds that can not fly?

its penguins they are birds they have wings but they do not fly :)

Why can birds not fly?

Birds can fly. Problem in the question?

What is a weather lore for barometric pressure?

"If birds fly lowExpect rain and a blow."When the air pressure is high, it is easier for birds to fly at a higher altitude. If the air pressure is low, indicating bad weather, birds can't fly as high because the air is less dense. The barometer measures air pressure.

Can chickens fly like birds?

No the can flap and flutter to about 2 metres but cant fly very high or for very long

True or flase birds use wings and feathers to fly so all birds can fly?

To say that birds use wings and feathers to fly, so all birds can fly, would be false. Not all birds can fly. An ostrich is an example of a bird that cannot fly.

Yes birds can fly?

Most birds can fly. Not all.

What is the negation of All birds can fly?

Not all birds can fly.

Why cant birds fly?

Not sure what you mean by that, but birds do fly.

Do umbrella birds fly?

yes umbrella birds do fly

Can all birds with wings fly?

not all birds can fly

How can birds fly so high?

by wind, and they flap there wings, and they are light, so they get pushes in the air high enough.