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aprox 115 to 400 miles

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How does a space shuttle escape the earth orbit?

The Space Shuttle was not designed to go beyond Earth orbit.

What was the last space shuttle to orbit earth?

Space Shuttle Atlantis.

How far is the shuttle from earth when in orbit?

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Does the space shuttle orbit the earth in what's called high orbit?

No. It is in low earth orbit.

How long does it take a space shuttle to orbit around earth?

An orbital period depends on the altitude of the object. In low earth orbit the space shuttle would orbit Earth in about 88 minutes.

Can the space shuttle travel to the moon?

No. The space shuttle can only reach low Earth orbit.

When did the first space shuttle go into space?

On April 12, 1981 the space shuttle Columbia was the first shuttle to orbit the Earth.

What layer of the atmosphere are space shuttles located?

The space shuttle program utilized low earth orbit, above the Earth's atmosphere.

What is the second space shuttle to orbit the earth?


The space shuttle travels in the?

The space shuttle travels in low earth orbit (LEO), from 120 to 380 miles in space.

Did the space shuttle ever land on the moon?

No. The space shuttle is built for low Earth orbit, not moon landings.

Which layer of the atmosphere does the space shuttle orbit the earth?


How fast did the space shuttle orbit the earth?

17,500 mph

What was the name of the first space station to orbit the earth?

The first space station created only to orbit the earth was called plain old, 'Space Shuttle.'

Where did the space shuttle lauch from on the first moon adventure?

It didn't. The Space Shuttle is only a low Earth orbit spacecraft.

Second space shuttle to orbit th earth?

The second Shuttle into orbit was the Challenger; the first was Columbiachallenger, June 1983

What space shuttle launched in 1972 is still in orbit?

The first space shuttle was launch in 1981. Space shuttle missions do not stay in orbit, they are designed to return to Earth after missions generally lasting 1-2 weeks.

The space shuttle releases a satellite into a circular orbit 600 km above the Earth How fast must the shuttle be moving relative to Earth when the release occurs?

This depends on the type of shuttle and its orbit. The speed can differ from satellite to satellite, therefore a definite answer can not be given about the exact speed of shuttle while it releases satellite.

Is the layer of the atmosphere where satellites and the space shuttle orbit the earth?


What keeps a space shuttle in orbit from falling gack to earth?


Whats shuttle run?

A trip from Earth to some orbit in space, and back to Earth.

Can the space shuttle reach the moon?

No, the space shuttle was designed for low earth orbit and generally orbits within 200-300 nautical miles of Earth.

What is the Hubble space shuttle?

It's the Hubble Space Telescope (not Shuttle). It's a big optical telescope in orbit around the Earth.

Definition of hubble telescope?

The space telescope that was carried into Earth orbit by a space shuttle in 1990.

Why are astronauts floating above the Earth in a Space Shuttle really no weightless?

Weight is an expression of the gravitational force acting on an object. When the space shuttle is in orbit around the Earth, it is held there by the Earth's gravity. Since gravity is still acting on the shuttle and the astronauts inside, they still have weight. They are described as "weightless" because an object in orbit is in a constant state of free fall.