How high is Australia's tallest mainland mountain?


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Australia's highest mainland mountain is officially recognised as being Mt Kosciuszko, with a height of 2228 m (7310 feet - some sources quote 2229 m).

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The tallest Mountain in the world in Mt. Everest which is 29035ft high

The tallest mountain in europ is "de flage neopuerh plian"

High Point is the tallest mountain in New Jersey. It's elevation is 1,803 feet. High Point is the tallest of the Kittatinny Mountains.

The tallest mountain on the Moon is Mons Huygens. It is about 5.5 km high.

Mt Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain on the Australian mainland, is 2228 metres high. It is located within the Snowy Mountains, in southeast New South Wales.

Australia's highest mainland mountain is officially recognised as being Mt Kosciuszko, with a height of 2228 m (7310 feet - some sources quote 2229 m).

The tallest mountain in Asia is also the tallest mountain in the world. This mountain is Mount Everest. It has a height of approximately 26,000 feet. There is some dispute over its exact height.

The tallest mountain in El Savlador is Cerro El Pital which is 8,957 feet high.

Mt. Kosciuszko is Australia's highest mountain,Its summit is 2 228 m above sea level. ----

Britain's tallest mountain is Scafall Pike. It is in the south west Lake district. The mountain is 3209 feet tall.

High Point is the (tallest 1803 feet). High mountain, Goat mountain, Garret Mountain.

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Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. It is 29,029 feet tall. It reaches the highest altitude in the world.

mount everest. 8,848 meters high.

mount Everest is the highest moutian, it is 29,029ft.

The tallest mountain in China is Mount Everest, which is on the border of Nepal and China, in the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is 29, 029 feet high.

The tallest point in Pakistan is the mountain K2. K2 is 28,251 feet high and is the second highest mountain in the world.

The tallest mountain in North America is Mt. McKinley in Alaska. It is 20,320 feet high.

Woodall Mountain is high as 807 feet(246 m). It is the tallest point in the state of Mississippi.

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The tallest mountain in B.C. is located in the Coastal Range, it is Mt. Waddington. It is 4016 metres high, ( approximately 13,176 feet).

The tallest mountain in Lake District which is Scafell Pike, well that is 3,209ft tall. (278 metres tall)

High Willhays - not a mountain but a rocky outcrop 621m

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