How high is whistler mountain?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Whistler mountain in British Colombia is 2,181 m (7,156 ft) in altitude.

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Q: How high is whistler mountain?
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What province is Whistler mountain in?

British Columbia contains whistler mountain.

What are Whistler's famous landmarks?

One of Whistler's landmarks is Blackcomb, and then there is also Whistler Mountain.

What are some whistler attractions?

well, whistler has one on the mountain by itself, the PEAK2PEAK gondola.

Name 5 venues where events at the 2010 Games?

Vancouver and Richmond. Callaghan Valley (just west of Whistler). Whistler Mountain (Creekside). Blackcomb Mountain. Cypress Mountain

What country is whistler mountain resort in?


What year did Whistler Mountain ski resort open?

The ski area on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, today is known as Whistler Blackcomb, opened in February of 1966 with a gondola, one chairlift and one T-bar. (

Where is the most popular mountain biking area?

Whistler, BC

How tall is inukshuk on whistler mountain?

45 feet tall

Do marmots live in the lower mainland Vancouver area?

Yes, but don't look for them downtown. They are high Altitude animals. They might be on top of Grouse Mountain. Definitely high up near Whistler.

What year did Whistler Mountain ski area in Vancouver open?

2007 2007

Mountain bike parks?

Head to Whistler in British Columbia. There is nothing like it.

Where can you go skiing in Canada?

Whistler Mountain in British Columbia is a popular skiing spot.