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An iron at the cotton setting can give you a 3rd degree burn if held on the skin for 1 second. It can give you a 2nd degree burn in 3 seconds.

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Q: How hot does an iron reach at the cotton setting?
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What setting on an iron is equal to 400 degrees?

It's a hot setting . . . at the top end of your iron. Try the "cotton" setting. That should be about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

What should be the temperature setting on your iron when you iron cotton clothing?

Hot iron for best results!,steam iron is a great help when fabric has become a little dry.

What does cold iron on a garment label mean?

Iron at the following temperature:One dot Cold iron (110°) for acrylic, nylon and acetate.Two dots Hot iron (150°) for polyester and wool.Three dots Very hot iron (200°) for cotton and linen.

Do you use a hot iron to iron felt fabric or a cool one?

Check the packaging or label. If it's made of cotton or wool, a hot iron should be fine. If it's made of synthetic material such as rayon or nylon, a cool iron would be better.

How does a clothing iron get hot?

All temperatures are in Centigrade.

Do sateen sheets need ironing?

No, in fact, if the iron is too hot it could break down or damage the sateen. You can iron if needed, but put the iron on a lower setting and place a pressing cloth between the iron and the sateen sheet.

Why do people wear cotton in hot climates?

People wear cotton in hot climates because the cotton is an absorbing material. In hot climates people sweat a lot and the cotton absorbs that.

How come my Shark iron keeps turning OFF?

This is the first time I bought a SHARK iron and it doesn't seem to get too hot and it keeps turning off or lowering to a lessser heat setting why?

What you do to wrinkled shirt?

F you have a iron which is a hot metal plate on a handle thats how to get wrinkles out but if you don't have one of those wash it again and put the shirt in the drier on the wrinkle free setting

What is the temperature of iron in room?

The temperature of the sole plate of an electric iron depends on the setting of the number of "dots".Three dots or hot iron. Maximum sole plate temperature of 200 °C.Two dots or iron at moderate temperature. Maximum sole plate temperature of 150 °C.One dot or iron at low temperature. Maximum sole plate temperature of 110 °C.Nevertheless the accuracy of the sole temperature in relation to the iron setting is the responsibility of the iron manufacturer.

What is the temperature of a soldering iron when it is not in use?

If you leave it plugged in/turned on, it will remain hot. If you unplug it/turn it off, it will reach ambient temperature in 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the iron and the room temperature.

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