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250 degrees.

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Q: How hot does it have to be for glucose to burn?
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At what temperature does glucose burn?


What happens to your digestive system when you eat hot chips?

in the mouth you chew on the potato and the carbohydrate turns into glucose

Igneous rock?


What cell part burns the glucose?

Mitochondria burn glucose in respiration.They produce ATP at last.

How many moles of glucose will burn if we have 5 moles of CO 2 as a product?

0,83moles glucose are burned.

Why will cell choose to use glucose over fat when fat yields more energy?

cell use glucose instead of fat because glucose is easy to burn into energy but it takes a lot of workout ot burn fat..

What tissue uses glucose from blood to burn fat?


What does the human bodies burn that produces Carbon Dioxide?

In general, glucose.

What is the metabolic pathways?

If, we burn glucose, for example, we get carbon bi oxide,water and energy. We cannot do this in Biology as cell will burn away. So, we burn glucose, step by step, with a series of organic molecules with less and less energy stored in it. So in glucose biological burning we get about say 10 steps in anaerobic burning and about 10 in aerobic burning of glucose. So this long chain of events is called metabolic pathway. This is true for almost all organic molecules.

How do you burn glucose and fat at the same time?

Glucose is a type of sugar, it takes a certain amount of energy (calories) to use up that sugar. so you eat 100 calories of glucose then exercise. While exercising you use (burn) 200 calories, you have now burned 100 calories of glucose and 100 calories of fat. any unused glucose is stored in the body as fat.

How hot does gasoline burn?

Gasoline starts to burn at 495 F.

What happens when glucose burns?

glucose is inflammable but the heat will burn the prospect,so glucose will change it's colour ( white to black ) when it turn to black it mean that it's burned