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History is important so that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. It is also important know where you come from because it gives you direction for the future.

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Q: How important is history in your life?
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Why sources of more important for study of history?

because history is more important in our life history it give more information about historical place & kings and kingdom

Why was Belle Starr important in woman history?

Belle Starr is important in women history because if it was not for her life probably wouldn't like these

Why history is important to mans life?

we need to know about history because we should know about past

Why is the development of sexual reproduction so important in the history of life?


Why is the development of sexual reproduction so important in history of life?


Why is knowledge of the life history of a vector important?

The knowledge of the life history of inhabitants of a vector is important because their past history may well indicate the directions to be taken in the future. There can be great knowledge in the ability to predict the future based on the past.

Why did fighting at the Nek earn a place in history?

Because its an important part of life

What was an important experience in Gandhi's early life?

Gandi made history and a book

Why are fossils important to earths history as a planet?

Fossils aren't but the life that made them is.

Why are Aztec codices important to historians?

Aztec codices are important because these codices held the history of how life was for the Aztecs.

Why is Hippocrates important in history?

hippocrate was the first surgeon because he found life after death

What makes Santa Anna important to Texas history?

Santa Anna was important to Texas history because he was a leader of the Mexican army and gave Texas to America in trade for his life.

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