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How important is it to break in a new engine?


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The best article I've read on the web concerning 4-stroke engine break in, can be found here:


engine break in is very important, proper break in will help ensure long engine life.


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After the break in period it is not an issue.

The myth is that it takes about 1000 miles of "babying" the new engine. Then change the engine oil again.

For the first 1600 km's or 1000 miles on a new engine just use regular oil. The reason being is that you want MORE friction in the engine to help the parts wear properly for a good "break in", synthetic oil has such good lubrication properties that it can interfere with proper engine break in.

It is not the speed that will ruin a new car engine, it is too much heat. Do not drive fast or rev up the engine for more than a minute or two, then let it cool off. This is actually a good way to break in an engine.

Yes, it is very important for you to find out the correct engine code for your car. Honda specifically posts these engine codes for cars to help you with your new car.

Engine crankshafts usually break when there is too much pressure on them. Some have flaws and may break under normal use.

If the engine has a flat tappet camshaft you will need to break in the cam first. Start the engine and run it between 2000 and 3500 RPM for 30 minutes, gently changing engine speed between 2000 and 3500. Do NOT let the engine idle while breaking in the cam!!!! If you encounter any problems during cam break-in, shut the engine off, address the problem, then resume break-in. Once the cam is broken in, Change the oil and filter, and simply drive it normally, but don't run it hard for at least 1,000 miles. After 1,000 miles, everything is pretty well seated and the important wear patterns have been established, so you can drive it any way you want.

It is a slang term for a brand new or rebuilt engine. It is also used to describe the break in period of a rebuilt engine during which you take it easy on the engine for the first 500 to 1000 miles.

Break it in as if it is a new engine start by setting all your carb needles back to factory settings, even a bit richer if possible as long as the engine stays running without flooding. heres a good guide to go by

Yes, they can break or just wear out.

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You should always get it as they tend to break at the 2yr mark.

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when you want to break it

A prooblem in the engine of a crash

My best guess will be the standard 500 mile break-in period.

about 1000 for them to set. But for full break in about 2500

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on some engine designs when the timing slips or is wrong the valve train will hit the pistons. something has to break, the valves, pistons, or the rods will bend.

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Have it rebuilt (completely), or replace it with a new engine.

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