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Accreditation is essential, it insures that the course being taken is accurate and a reliable education outlet. It is important to check the accreditation of the course before taking it to guarantee it will count for credit and is teaching the appropriate information.

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Q: How important is it to check the accreditation of online college courses?
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Are online college courses as good as classroom classes?

No. Much harder to study alone. Also, most online courses lack professional accreditation (in business, for example, or in public administration). Note that "regional" accreditation doesn't mean much when you talk about the online world. If you want to earn a business degree (BS, BA or MBA), ask the college or university if it is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ( You will be surprised how many schools lack this accreditation.

Should I get a bachelor's degree from an online university?

Yes but make sure the college you choose is accredited. Find out why college accreditation is important to your education.

Where can i find a list of available online college courses?

There are many list of available college courses online. This is one that you could check out:

Is there a difference in accreditation between online courses and offline courses at the same university?

Generally speaking, no, there is no difference between online or offline courses that are offered through the same university. Accreditation is granted to the university as a whole, or to their individual programs. So, courses themselves do not carry an accreditation. As long as the school or program is accredited, the method of delivery is considered irrelevant.

What Texas college have event planning courses for college credit?

Preferably online courses.

If a college is regionally accredited on one campus by a certain agency are the online courses at another campus accredited by that same agency as well?

You look at the schools accreditation. If the school has a regional accreditation, it is accredited based on all the school contains. There is no difference between online and on-campus degrees in terms of validity.

Where can someone find online nursing courses at a college?

The University of Phoenix, the Chamberlain College of Nursing, and the Walden University are all colleges that offer online nursing courses. Another online college offering nursing courses is the Kaplan University.

What college has online course for psychology?

Colleges that offer online courses for psychology are either community college, public or private. Some college that hold online courses are Northern Virginia Community College, Germanna Community College, The Art Institute of Washington. Another college you can find courses are Capella University.

Where can you find online college courses?

You go to the college of your choice and search for them! You can also just do a search-engine search for online courses - you'll have to specify which courses you want to take if you want to find them, though. You can also go for online tutoring for college courses at Acadsoc dot com

How can one book web courses online?

It is very simple for a person to book web courses online. First a person needs to apply and be accepted into an online college or university. Then a person would go to the college's website and register for online courses.

Where can I take online courses?

There are a number of colleges in Michigan that offer online courses. These range in price from the Wayne County Community College with courses starting at $2000 up to Kalamazoo College at $28,000.

Do dental admission boards tend to have a negative outlook towards ONLINE college courses completed on ones transcript?

I do not know of any college or university that actually indicates coursework and/or degree was taken online. Most institutions offer coursework online today so that is not the issue. The issue is really where you completed the coursework and degree. As long as the college or university has a regional accreditation you will be fine. Whether coursework was taken online or not doesn't matter today. The standards must be the same in order for the institution to maintain its regional accreditation.