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Q: How is 1006015 written in spanish?
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How do you say 1006015 in spanish?

un millión seis mil quince

How do you spell 1006015 in spanish?

un millon, seis mil quince (one million, six thousand and fifteen)

What is the written abbreviation for senora in Spanish?

The written abbreviation for "señora" in Spanish is Sra.

How do you spell Skyler in Spanish?

its not written in spanish.

When were the spanish slave laws written?

The Spanish Slave Laws were written in 1542. These laws greatly restricted the power of the Spanish.

What has the author Steven Dodd written?

Steven Dodd has written: 'The sounds of Spanish (in Spanish)'

Is the poetry book 'Cool Salsa' written only in Spanish?

no, in the book it is written in spanish and english! :)

Difine ethnicity in Spanish?

Ethnicity in Spanish would be etnicidad. This was written in Spanish.

What has the author James Church Alvord written?

James Church Alvord has written: 'Business Spanish' -- subject(s): Business Spanish, Letter-writing, Spanish, Spanish Commercial correspondence, Spanish language

What has the author Terrell Louise Tatum written?

Terrell Louise Tatum has written: 'Pan American business Spanish' -- subject(s): Business Spanish, Spanish Commercial correspondence, Spanish language

What is the spanish name for hero?

The word "hero" is written "heroe" in Spanish.

How do you write coffee in Spanish writing?

Coffee is written "café" in Spanish.