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Gollum misunderstood him. Bilbo was saying 'I need more time.' Gollum heard 'time', which was the answer.

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What is Bilbo Baggins?

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit! He is the main character in The Hobbit or There and Back Again. He was around 50 years old at that time.

What mythical creature in The Hobbit does Bilbo play riddles with?

The Riddle Game isn't played with a "mythical" creature - it's played with Gollum. We learn later that Gollum is actually Smeagol, and that he was once a Hobbit himself, from a time before they migrated to the Shire.

Is The Lord of the Rings the sequel to The Hobbit?

It follows The Hobbit in terms of time. Bilbo is the main character in The Hobbit and he passes the Ring to Frodo.

How did Gandalf help Bilbo?

Which time? Gandalf helps Bilbo many times, both during The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

What did Bilbo dream about?

In The Hobbit Bilbo constantly dreams and thinks about being in his hobbit hole, most of times followed by a sentence along the lines of "and that wasn't the last time."In Book Six of The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo is very sleepy although it doesn't say what he is dreaming of.

Why didn't people see Bilbo unconscious in The Hobbit?

Because he was wearing The One Ring at the time.

How does Bilbo distract the dragon in 'The Hobbit'?

When Bilbo meets Smaug the dragon for the first time, he is wearing the Ring and so is invisible. He distracts the dragon by riddling about his identity.

Really short summary to The Hobbit?

Bilbo, a hobbit, is sent with a group of thirteen dwarves to recover the vast treasure that was stolen by the evil dragon Smaug. In the story, Bilbo saves the dwarves from many dangers, succeeding each time only because of mere luck. Bilbo also finds The One Ring.

In chapter 18 of the hobbit why did thorin call for Bilbo?

Thorin was dying, he had been mortally wounded in the Battle of Five Armies. He wanted to make his peace with Bilbo before he died. Bilbo was found and brought to him just in time.

How did Bilbo win the race in The Hobbit?

There is actually no race in The Hobbit. It was not a race against Time as in The Lord of the Rings. Bilbo's quest was simply to steal for the dwarves, that was it. Nothing is described as a race.

What are some flashbacks in The Hobbit?

Usually flashbacks were used as a means to keep Bilbo from seeming more homely and incapable than he really was. Early in the Hobbit, it would often be said that Bilbo was dreaming of home, and that it wouldn't be the last time he did so. Later in the book, as it becomes obvious that Bilbo is a capable adventurer, those references lessen.

In 'The Hobbit' at what time was Bilbo supposed to meet the dwarves?

The dwarves left a note for Bilbo under the mantle clock. It stated that they would be awaiting him at 11 am sharp. Bilbo didn't get the note until 10 minutes before that and ran the whole way to be on time.

Is 'The Hobbit' linear?

The Hobbit is fairly linear. There are a few places where the time line backs up, particularly when the dwarves and Bilbo are exploring Smaug's den and Smaug is attacking Laketown.

How did Bilbo in 'The Hobbit' get captured?

Bilbo was sent off by the Dwarves to investigate a light. He found three trolls and decided it was time to be a burglar. The wallet he pinched spoke and the troll - William - grabbed him.

What is the setting of The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien?

The Hobbit is set in Middle Earth in the Third Age. It stays mostly in The Shire and the northern parts of the area, totally avoiding the areas that become the focus of The Lord of the Rings.One morning, after breakfast, Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit was standing at his door, right after breakfast time, smoking an enormous wooden pipe. Then Gandalf the wizard came. He talked to Bilbo and then said he would send the Hobbit on a quest.

What happens in Chapter 2 of 'The Hobbit'?

In chaper two of the book The Hobbit, Bilbo gets a message from Thorin and Company telling him he can have 1/14 of total profits, and they will be waiting for him at 11:00 am sharp. so Bilbo goes off and starts his adventure and omplains that they get mutton all the time. Then the hobbit and all the dwarves are caught by trolls and Gandalf saves them from being eaten.

In 'The Hobbit' how is Bilbo different from other hobbits?

Bilbo had a bit of Took in him, and therefore was a tad more adventurous than the other hobbits. After his escapades with the dwarves and Smaug, he became a legend in his own time.

In the book The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien what is the name of the answer to gollums riddle?

The answer to the Gollum's final riddle is "time." Bilbo stumbles upon this answer when, pressed hard by Gollum to procure an answer to the riddle, Bilbo unwittingly answers the question correctly in asking for more "time" to think.

Is Bilbo a burglar now in chapter 12?

Technically, Bilbo became a burglar in chapter 5, Riddles in the Dark, when he stole the Ring from Gollum. Thorin said, "...now is the time for him to perform the service for which he was included in our Company..." So yes, in chapter 12 Bilbo did what he was supposed to do all along. Be a burglar.

Why did Gandalf have a strong allegiance towards Bilbo?

Because in the prelude to lord of the rings "the hobbit" Gandalf assisted Bilbo and thirteen dwarves steal a load of treasure from a dragon. Which the dragon stole from the dwarves a long time ago.

How long is the period of time the action of the book The Hobbit covers?

The main action, from Bilbo setting out to the Battle of the Five Armies, takes place in the year 2941 of the Third Age. Bilbo comes home to the Shire the next year (2942 T.A.). Gandalf's and Balin's visit at the end of The Hobbit happens in 2949 T.A.

What happened to the village near the mountain in chapter 11 of The Hobbit?

Lake Town was the name of the village that existed at the time of the Hobbit. It was destroyed by Smaug when he was awakened by Bilbo. The down that lay at the foot of the mountain that was destroyed previously was called Dale.

How does Bilbo dream help the group in The Hobbit?

Bilbo has a dream about a door opening. When he woke up he discovered it wasn't a dream. His yell gave Gandalf enough time to prevent him from being caught so that he could rescue the others later.

Why does Bilbo not attack Gollum in The Hobbit?

That is one of the pivotal parts of the story. He felt sorry for the poor creature. By showing mercy, Bilbo started off his time with the ring in a benevolent mood, and was much less susceptible to the evil intentions of the ring.

In 'The Hobbit' why does Thorin close the door?

Bilbo thought the dragon would be there any second so he told Thorin to shut the door. Which he did in the nick of time.

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