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Q: How is Cerebrospinal fluid flow and dissipation affected when cervical spinal stenosis causes the thecal sac to be fully compressed around the spinal cord?
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How is CSF flow and dissipation affected when cervical spinal stenosis causes the thecal sac to be fully compressed around the spinal cord thus not allowing CSF flow to the lower spinal cord?

the spinal cord is the part of the body that sends messages to your brain so it goes to your body

What organ is affected by cervical cancer?

The womb the lungs and the heart and liver can be affected but not all at the sane time!

Can cervical spondylosis affect heart or thyroid function?

yes, depending how severely & where the cervical spine is effected. how much & where the spinal cord is i right?? any doctors agreeing ?

Whatbodyparts are affected by the nerves in the cervical spine?

Arms, shoulders, and hands

What is cervical spondoylosis?

Cervical spondylosis refers to spondylosis of the cervical vertebrae (Bones of the spine in the region of the neck). Spondylosis refers to changes occurring in the bones ultimately resulting in compression of the nerve roots passing through these regions. The result of the nerve compression is determined by the specific nerve that is compressed. Common features include sharp pain radiating down the region of the upper limb supplied by the specific nerve root affected. Cervical spondylosis is common in older population. It is often due to osteoarthritis resulting in osteophyte formation (abnormal new bone growth) and these osteophytes result in the nerve compression.

What are some common methods of cervical cancer treatment?

Common methods of cervical cancer treatment include the removal of the affected organs. If found early, the affected areas can be removed safely. Other common methods include radiation, a common treatment for many cancers.

Can you cure cervical cancer?

Cancer is said to never be "cured", but it can be regressed to the point where the patient never is affected by cancer cells again. Radiation, chemotherapy, and hysterectomy are known treatments of cervical cancer.

How does cervical cancer kill you?

general degradation of the organs. If the cancer has metastasised it is possible that other organs have been affected.

What can pain in back of neck then numbness down arms and hands mean?

cervical disc hernia. first it compressed the dura mater, than the nerve root

Can cervical spinal stenosis which causes the thecal sac to be fully compressed around the spinal cord cause hydrocephalus?

It certainly could... long after you became a quadrplegic, though..

Does foraminal narrowing at c4 and c5 cause pain tingeling and numbness in hands?

Absolutely, and usually you'll feel nerve pain in your arm and shoulder as well if the nerve is being compressed enough. Most people don't realize it, but the cervical disk nerves run from the neck to the hands. That's one way to tell which disk nerve is being affected.

What is cervical neoplasm?

Cervical neoplasm is another name for cervical cancer.

What is the junction of uterine cavity and cervical canal?

The internal cervical OS connects the uterus to the cervical canal, and the external cervical OS connects the cervical canal to the vagina.

What symptoms are for cervical neuritis?

Cervical neuritis is where you have pressure on the nerves that come out of the cervical spine with is neck area of the spine. The following symptoms will be experienced in one or both of the arms.The main symptoms of neuritis aretingling and burning sensationstabbing pains in the affected nervesIn more sever casesnumbnessloss of sensationparalysis of the nearby muscles

What is cervical lymphadenopathy?

What is cervical lymphadenopathy?

Can cervical cancer cause cervical incompetence?

Yes, but you should figure out what cervical competence means.

What bone feature of the second cervical vertebrae articulates with the first cervical vertebrae?

cervical projection

What happens to your neck when it is compressed by blow to the head?

often when there is a compression to the neck. some of the cervical vertebra which are the main vertebra in the neck becme crushed. this leads to spinal shock and can impair the function of the spinal nerves originating from the cervical spinal cord. this will lead to impaired respiratory function aswell as reduced/absent movements of the upper limb.

Why are there eight cervical nerve roots yet only seven cervical vertebrae?

why there are eight cervical nerve roots, yet only seven cervical vertebrae?

Does gonorrhea cause cervical cancer?

Gonorrhea does not cause cervical cancer. HPV causes cervical cancer.

Is cervical lordosis an early stage of osteoporosis?

No, a cervical lordosis is the normal curve of your cervical spine (neck).

What is the treatment for cervical dysplasia or cervical erosion?


What is the meaning of cervical?

Of or pertaining to the neck; as, the cervical vertebrae.

What does straightening of the normal cervical lordosis mean?

The cervical lordosis is the curve in the neck (cervical spine). When there is straightening of the cervical lordosis, this can occur from posture or a herniated disc in the area.

How many cervical nerves in the human body?

8 cervical nerves on the right and 8 cervical nerves on the left.  So a total of 16 cervical nerves in the body.