How is Columbus Day marked in the US?

Sadly, here in the United States the Columbus Day is not celebrated because "minorities" get offended. They claim that Columbus was wrong in coming to America, therefore, we should not celebrate his day. Most of these people include Indians, blacks, and SOME Hispanics (Not all Hispanics, I am Hispanic and I respect Columbus and think that we should celebrate his Day) and there are many more Hispanics who think like me.

Columbus brought many hardships to the natives. Rape, disease, and untold horrors. As many people have came to realize over the years, he was not the first to discover America...maybe he was the only one documented officially by some high priest or governmental body. Why celebrate a day of the start of many problems for those who were unlucky enough to have met those people? Maybe we should celebrate the accomplishment and not the actual person. I've had discussions about this before to rename the day "Discovery" or something and not after the man who did so many things to the native people