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Q: How is Henry the skeleton in Skeleton Creek?
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If Skeleton Creek is not realthen who's the skeleton?

the skeleton is Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the skeleton in Skeleton Creek?

(Spoiler alert!) Its Henry......

When was Skeleton Creek published?

When was Skeleton Creek published?

What are the passwords for Skeleton Creek?

what are the passwords for skeleton creek?

Where is the setting of Skeleton Creek crossbones?

In Skeleton Creek.

Is there a sequel to Skeleton Creek?

Yes, there is a sequel to Skeleton Creek.

Where does Skeleton Creek take place at?

in skeleton creek organ

What is the third book in Skeleton Creek called?

Skeleton Creek The Crossbones. But I think there's going to be a forth book of skeleton creek

What state is Skeleton Creek in?

Skeleton Creek from the book by Patrick Carmen takes place in the small town of Skeleton Creek, Maine

Is Skeleton Creek a real place?


When was Skeleton Creek - novel - created?

Skeleton Creek - novel - was created in 2009.

What is skeleton creek?

Skeleton creek is the first book in a scary seriesw by Patrick Carman! skeleton creek is also oner of the best books ever!

What are the Skeleton Creek passwords for book 2?

skeleton creek passwords for book 2

Is Skeleton Creek a series?

skeleton Creek is a book series, and a good one in my opinion.

Did the second Skeleton Creek come out yet?

I meant the second Skeleton Creek as in Ghost in the Machine.

What are the passwords to the Skeleton Creek book?

type in "skeleton creek passwords" and you'll find all of them

Is there a fifth book to the Skeleton Creek series?

There are four books in the Skeleton Creek book series.

How many books are in the Skeleton Creek series?

Four: Skeleton Creek; Ghost in the Machine; and The CrossBones; the Raven

What are examples of figurative language in skeleton creek the raven?

What are some example of figurative language in skeleton creek

What is the password to the last Skeleton Creek video?

tanginabarrons is the password for the last skeleton creek video in ryans journal

How many Skeleton Creek books are there now in 2013?

There are 4 four Skeleton Creek books now in 2013.

Is there a 5 Skeleton Creek book?


What is the Skeleton Creek website?

Where is skeleton creek?

in candy land

When will the third Skeleton Creek book be out?

it is out