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Q: How is Jerry Sandusky doing in jail?
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Is Jerry sandusky a Mormon?

No. Jerry Sandusky claims to be a Methodist.

When was Jerry Sandusky born?

Jerry Sandusky was born on 1944-01-26.

Where does jerry sandusky live?

in the showers

What nationality is Jerry sandusky?


How tall is jerry sandusky?

6ft 3inches

Is Jerry Sandusky gay?

Sandusky is married with six adopted children.

Are Mr and Mrs Jerry Sandusky Catholic?

no there satans

What are the names of the emperor penguins predators?

Jerry sandusky

What the owls eat?

They eat snakes :) -Jerry Sandusky

Who was Queen Elizabeath1's boyfriend?

Jerry sandusky

Are Scott Mcqueary and Jerry Sandusky Catholic?

of course they are idiot

Why did the flesh of peacock does not decay?

Because Jerry Sandusky was born