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A LASER of sufficient power will vaporize the material where the beam hits it.

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Q: How is LASER light able to cut materials such as fabric?
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What is special about the light in a laser beam?

It is able to calculate the time it takes for a woman to orgasm :)

What materials are able to transmit sound well?

Materials that are able to transmit sound well includes solid. This is because the molecules within solids are closer together.

Can light be stored?

There are materials that absorb light and glow in the dark, but I don't think they have any practical use except on watch faces and possibly other instruments with dials. Addition: Materials which absorb light are used extensively on passenger aircraft for safety signage and warning signs such as fire exit signs, location of exits, location of safety equipment etc. These signs charge up while there is light and when there is no light the signs are able to glow for 8 hours, providing readable signs in darkness, and lighting up pathways.

Is refractive index a chemical property?

The only reason a material is able to reflect light is because of its smooth surface and the substance that it is made of which are physical property

What would a world without the laser be like?

The Laser has had a massive impact on society. People take lasers for granted and most probably won't know that lasers are used in everyday objects. If we didn't have laser then we wouldn't have dvd players, laser hair removal, laser eye surgery, printers, barcode scanners, laser sights and photocopying machines. If Theodore Maiman didn't invent the laser in 1960 the world will be a very different place. There will be no awesome, flashing lasers at concerts, there will be no dvd players so no dvds either, there will be less people driving because those people with really bad eye sight would not be allowed to drive unless they consulted an eye specialist, people will have to write with pen you wouldn't be able to photocopy any thing and you wouldn't be able to buy a toy laser from your local two dollar shop

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What type of fabric is used to make a sarong?

usually they are made of cotton, but it can vary between other light materials that are able to soak up liquids.

Why does laser light visible in smoke?

yes,you should be able to...i think why dont you test it?

What is special about the light in a laser beam?

It is able to calculate the time it takes for a woman to orgasm :)

Why do photographers work with low light with selenium?

Materials with Selenium are very sensitive to light. If a photographer is working with a lot of light, the materials will be destroyed and they will not be able to take any pictures.

If you were able to get a laser beam of light to travel 500 m and reflect off a mirror howl ong would it take the light to return after you turn on the laser?

Total Distance - 1000m / Speed of Light - 299,792,458m per second = 0.000003335 seconds

Can you put a LED inside a laser housing to focus it into a beam just like a laser diode would?

No. Unless the LED is specifically a laser, you can not make it focus like a laser by putting it in a housing. A laser produces coherent light, which is why it acts like a beam. A normal LED is not coherent, and you can not make it so. Although you can not make a collimated incoherent light beam able to travel similar distances as a collimated laser beam, you can collimate incoherent light into a beam which would travel some distance with a small amount of divergence.

What is the average price for a Cutting Laser?

A laser cutting machine costs from $1000 up to $64500. Laser cutting machines are designed for and can be used for cutting various materials like (sheet) metal, plastic, wood, MDF and leather. Used laser cutting machines might be able to be bought cheaper at online auction houses.

What are some ideas for nice bright draperies?

If you don't need to be able to block out all light with your drapes, you should pick something in a light, gauzy fabric. The flowiness of the fabric will make them look bright by itself, and if you pick a light color like white, light blue, or yellow, it will brighten the room even more.

Can a light or laser from a posion outdoors be bent or modfied so a person is able to hear or see into a building from a grate distance?

That is impossable

How is it possible that we are able to create laser pulse and laser beams with the ability to burn things?

Yes - we already have this facility in engineering. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, its normally used for industrial manufacturing applications, but is just starting to be used by educational establishments, small businesses, and even hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics to undertake this task.

How far can a laser go?

A normal laser can approximately hit a person or object from 1 mile away at night. A very very very powerful laser must be able to burn plastic, pop a balloon, and light a match and more!! Also it should to able to hit someone from 50-100 miles away.

What materials would be best used for Point of sales display?

There are many materials that could be used for example Acrylic as its light and cheap to buy. also the use of Wood or MDF could be good as these materials are cheap to buy, light and also very durable. therefore by using these materials it would make the Point of sale display light and mover able