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How is Mt Fuji symbolic to Japan?

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Japan's flag is symbolic for 'land of the rising sun'. Mt Fuji seems to reach for the heavens.

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What country is mt Fuji?

mt Fuji is in japan

In which country is Mt Fuji?

Mt Fuji is located in Japan.

How high is Mt Fuji in Japan?

Mt Fuji is 3,776m. I climbed it.

In what country is mt fuji?

Mt Fuji is in Japan, on the island of Honshu.

Mt Fuji is an active volcano in which country?

Mt. Fuji is located in Japan.

Where is mt fuji found in?

Mt Fuji is located close to Tokyo, in Japan.

What is Mount Fuji?

Mt. Fuji is a stratovolcano in Japan

What country is Mt Fuji in?


What is the biggest mountain in Japan?

Mt Fuji / Mt Fujiyama in Japan

What is the area of Mt Fuji volcano?

Mt. Fuji volcano is on an island that is owned by Japan. Mt. Fuji is on Honshu Island in the Sea of Japan. The last time this volcano erupted was in 1707.

What is the travel distance from Tokyo Japan to Mt Fuji Japan?

About 80 km. (From the center of Tokyo to the top of Mt. Fuji)

Mt. Fuji is in what Asian country?


Where does fuji water come from?

Comes from Mt. Fuji in Japan

What is the location of the mt fuji?

mount fuji is located in japan.

Were is Mt Fuji located?


What island is mt fuji on?

Mt. Fuji is on the island of Honshu, just outside of Tokyo, Japan.

How does Mt Fuji work?

Mt. Fuji is located in Japan on Honshu Island and is the highest mountain in the country. Mt. Fuji is classified as an active Stratovolcano.

What island of japan is mt fuji on?

Mount Fuji is on the island of Honshū.

What mountain is 3776 meter In the US?

Mt Fuji (ps it is in japan!!!! XD) heeey Mt Fuji (ps it is in japan!!!! XD) heeey

Why is mt fuji famous?

MT. Fuji is a mountain found in japan it is a famous mountain because of the size of it.

How far is it from Royston to Mt Fuji?

There are about 5908.454 miles between Royston, UK and Mt Fuji, Japan.

What is the exact location of mt fuji?

Japan. :)

What city is mt fuji in?

yokohama, japan

What is the name of the volcano in japan?

mt. fuji

What is the major mountain in Japan?

Mt Fuji