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I am a retired teacher from Illinois who recently moved to North Carolina (for the good weather and the mountains). I have a decent Illinois state teacher's pension, and I assume that it is treated the same way as would be a NY state teacher's pension. The pension is seen by the NC Dept of Revenue as any other income, with the exception of a $4,000 deductible (unfortunately, it's rather a pittance). The NC state income tax rate is about 8%. Were I still an Illinois resident, my state tax rate would be 0%, but there is no reciprocity between many states, so a teacher who retired from the NC system and moved to Illinois would pay Illinois' 3% state income tax. Not terribly fair, IMHO. I now have a part-time job, and set aside about 60% of my salary in order to pay the NC state tax, none of which I can have deducted by Illinois from my state pension. Some states have no state income tax, others have what we find in NC. Good luck.

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Q: How is NY state teachers pension taxed in North Carolina?
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