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A cricket bat and a hockey stick varies in shape. A cricket bat has a short handle and a long flat head. A hockey stick has a long handle and a curves short head.

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Q: How is a cricket bat different hockey stick?
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What can one stick on a cricket bat for protection?

For protection one can stick a fibre tape for his bat........

What is the anime with the kid in roller blades and has a hockey stick?

You are thinking of Paranoia Agent. He uses a golden bent baseball bat, not a hockey stick.

What is the bat used in cricket called?

In UK: Cricket stick In Australia: Shawollawolla In the rest of the world there is no word for it.

Is a Krakatoa cricket bat better than a buffalo cricket bat?

a Krakatoa cricket bat is the best childrens cricket bat of all time

How is the modern bat different from original bat used earlier in cricket match?

weight less.

Can you play baseball with a cricket bat?

You can play baseball with a cricket bat but it would be hard to swing, since cricket bats are heavier than baseball bats. If the bat isn't strong enough, there is a chance that it might break. Playing cricket with a baseball would be a lot easier, but you should stick to the bats of the sport.

What simple machine is in a cricket bat?

The simple machine that is represented by a cricket bat is called a lever. The lever is used to redirect energy in a different direction.

How cricket is different from other sports?

as we play it with ball and bat while base ball with round bat

What are some sports equipment made with wood?

Baseball bat Some tennis racket hockey stick

Can you make a homemade hockey stick?

ye u can make it out of wood also use a baseball bat!

What is needed to open a sports store?

First you no to check how many sports want to cover. List down all the sports. Then make a separate list of what all items/instruments required for each sport. For example: Cricket: Stumps, Bat, ball etc Hockey: Hockey stick, ball. Tennis: Bat, net, ball etc.

What are the Uses of cricket bat?

the use of a cricket bat is to hit the ball whilst your playing cricket

Cricket bat made in which wood?

Cricket Bat is mostly made out of Willow Wood

What was the first cricket bat like?

The first cricket bat was roughly the same shape as hockey sticks, curving outwards at the bottom. The simple reason for this : the ball was bowled underarm along the ground and the curve of the bat gave the batsman the best chance of making contact.

What can a cricket bat also be called?

master blaster srijeev says glorius stick as abhishek says it doesnt depend on the stick it depends on who holds it

Is kookaburra a nice cricket bat?

yes it is a very nice bat for cricket...

Why do you nock in a cricket bat?

we do knock a cricket bat because it is knocked ...:P

What is the hieght of cricket bat?

Approximately 3.5 feet is the height of the cricket bat.

What is the main board of cricket?

cricket bat

Which is the no1 cricket bat?

Sachin's Bat

Length of cricket bat?

The maximum allowable length for a cricket bat is 38 inches.

How big is a size 6 cricket bat?

how big is a size 6 cricket bat

What is the most popular cricket bat?

Gunn And Moore Flare 303 Cricket Bat

How do you put a cricket bat in personification?

the cricket bat threw threw the ball away

What is the width of Sachin Tendulkar's cricket bat?

maximum width of a cricket bat is 4.30inchs.