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A hypothesis is an "educated guess". An example of how it could be used: John needed to test his hypothesis about molecular degenaration.

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Q: How is a hypothesis used in science?
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What has to be true for a hypothesis to be used in science?

It is testable and falsifiable

What chemistry experiment can be used in an hypothesis?

i need an answer for an hypothesis on a colorful chemistry creation on a science project

A testable prediction used to solve science problems is a?


What are three skills commonly used in science?

Observation Experament Hypothesis

Why is hypothesis in science?

The hypothesis drives the investigation.

What is a science answer to a science question?

Usually the current 'answer' to a scientific problem would be called a theory. However when used in an experiment people refer to the current answer to a problem as the nul hypothesis and the new, to be tested, theory as the alternative hypothesis.

Is an hypothesis an answer to a science qusetion?

no a hypothesis is an educated guess

Why is hypothesis important in science?

The hypothesis drives the investigation.

What are difference between a hypothesis and hypothesis statement?

The term hypothesis is used in science and statistics. I have included two links related to the these terms.In statistics, the null and alternative hypothesis are mathematical statements used in statistical decision making. An example of a null hypothesis is the mean of the population from which a sample was obtained is equal to 10. The mean of the data is sufficiently different from 10 can be used to reject the null hypothesis.As used in science, hypothesis is the initial idea suggested by observation or preliminary experimentation. See related links.

What is the difference between discovery science and hypothesis-driven science?

Discovery science is mostly about describing nature, whereas hypothesis-driven science tries to explain nature.

How can you put the word hypothesis in a sentence?

What is the hypothesis of a science question

What is the science definition of hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a reasonable answer based on what you know and what you observe.