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The action that can be taken by the judgment creditor/lien holder would depend upon the laws of the state where the cattle are located. The lien holder can petition the court to order a forced sale of the herd or the portion needed thereof to recover the judgment award or wait until a voluntary sale is made by the debtor.

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Q: How is a lien on cattle enforced?
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Can Missouri medicaid put a lien on your home?

Yes. The lien will be enforced when the home is sold.

Can a lien on one property be enforced on a different property?

That all depends on the type of lien. You will need to add more details.

Can a lien against an adult be enforced by confiscating items from the adults children in TN?

No way,Not,Never

What does non-enforceable lien mean?

In legal terms an enforceable lien means the obligated party can be forced or ordered to pay through a legal process. Unenforceable means the lien has no supporting law that makes it capable of being enforced. The lien is ineffective.

Can a civil claim judgment in one county be enforced as a lien against real property in other county?

No, it would be out of their jurisdiction and not enforceable.

Can the IRS take your property if it has a lien on it?

The IRS can have your property sold for unpaid income taxes, yes, if you don't work something out with them or find the $ to pay them. Even filing bankruptcy may not prevent the lien from being enforced.

What is the maximum penalty for cattle rustling on Australian law-books?

The maximum penalty for cattle rustling according to Australia's law books is hanging. This law is not enforced anymore but are still in the law books.

Does a lien go off a home after 7 years if not paid?

It depends on your state laws. Check your state laws to see how long a judgment can be enforced and if judgments are "renewable" in your state. My state (Georgia) length of time a judgment (lien) can be enforced is seven years unless the creditor requests a renewal of the judgment by filing in court again. Then they have seven more years to attempt to enforce the judgment.

Can creditors put a lien on a house that is subject to a life estate?

The answer depends on the type of lien and whether the life tenant consented to the obligation that resulted in a default. If the life tenant didn't consent to the obligation any rights of the creditor would be subject to the rights of the life tenant. If the lien is a property tax lien (for example) the lien would be superior to the right of the life tenant. In the case of creditors, the lien can always be recorded against the property even if it cannot be enforced right away. If the life tenant died the lien would become operative and the creditor may be able to sieze the property.

How do you put a lien on a car that has a loan in your name but is titled to someone else?

File suit in the appropriate state court in the county in which registered owner resides. If a judgment is granted it can be executed as a lien against the vehicle according to the laws of the judgment debtor's state. The lender is the primary lien holder if the vehicle has been used as collateral and a secondary lien can be enforced without the lender's release after the lending agreement has been completed.

Can a Mississippi State Tax lien be applied to property owned in Virginia?

No, it can not. A Mississippi state tax lien only affects property owned in Mississippi. It will stay on your credit report for a long time though but it can't be enforced or collected if you don't own property in misssissippi.

What is the time frame to file a mechanics lien on a home in allentown PA?

The answer to your question does not matter at a county level. Instead, the time frame to file a mechanic's lien is determined by state law. In PA, you have 6 months after last furnishing any labor or materials to the project to file a mechanic's lien. The lien must then be enforced within 2 years of the lien's filing. Be careful when filing a mechanic's lien in Pennsylvania, as there are strict service requirements. If you don't everything served within a tight window, you can lose your lien rights. Service must be accomplished by a county sheriff, usually.

Can Medicaid take assets after death her house be kept in the family or will it have to be sold to pay back Medicaid with a living will in place?

Medicaid has no doubt filed a lien on the house, which must be satisfied when the house changes hands, just as with any other lien. However, the lien will not be enforced while a spouse or disabled adult child lives there. Medicaid will also file an estate claim.

As a lien holder in Iowa how can you recover your expenses once the cattle are sold?

you can tell the expences by the price really Better get a good lawyer involved. Kowboy10

Can a lawsuit judgment and attorney fees incurred by a spouse be enforced as a lien against a home that is solely owned by the non debtor spouse?

Yes/no if house is only in your name depending on what the judgment is for, pertaining to anything you did together. * If the property was obtained during the marriage and the couple reside in a community property state, then a lien is possible. If the couple do not reside in a CP state a lien is not possible regardless of when the property was purchased.

How do you spell enforced?


How do you keep your home if you have a lien on it?

Pay off the lien.Pay off the lien.Pay off the lien.Pay off the lien.

Who do you contact to get a lien off your property?

There is no way to remove a lien from your property unless you pay it in full. If you are planning on doing that you would contact the creditor of whom the lien is from. YES THERE IS: As every law there is always a loop pole! Depending on the lien and where you live. Under construction liens, depending on your state and their Statue of limitation, courts require the lien claimant the obligation of moving its lien claim along even after the lien is preserved and perfected. If a trial date is not obtained or if a lien action is not set down for trial in which a lien may be enforced within two years from the date of the commencement of the action, the perfected lien expires. Also, don't feel that you can't renew your mortgage without paying out a contractor, you can renew with the current mortgage company without actually having to reapply for a mortgage etc, that is when the contractor is able to get paid without proving anything. So if you know that your contractor doesn't have $25K to go to court wait them out, especially if your damages equate to the lien value. However, if you owe them pay them.

Can you have a lien put on someones own home if they owe monies from another job site?

Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.

What is the difference between a transfer of lien and release of lien?

A transfer of lien assigns the lien claimant's position in the lien to another party. A release of lien discharges the lien and makes it not appear on a title policy issued for the property.

What is an involuntary lien against my property?

An involuntary lien would be a judgment lien by a creditor, a lien for unpaid property taxes or income taxes, a demolition lien, a lien for unpaid common expenses or homeowners association dues or a mechanic's lien. Contrast that with a lien you granted in your property such as a mortgage which would be a voluntary lien.

How do you place a lien on a company that has not paid you?

First, you must file a suit in either small claims or district court. You will need to prove your claim. When you prove it, you will obtain a judgment against that company. Afte you obtain a judgment, you can have the judgment enforced and one of the ways you can enforce a judgment is to put a lien on non-exempt real property.

Can a junior lien supersede a senior lien?

A junior lien can supersede a senior lien only if the senior lienor subordinated their lien in writing and recorded in the land records.A junior lien can supersede a senior lien only if the senior lienor subordinated their lien in writing and recorded in the land records.A junior lien can supersede a senior lien only if the senior lienor subordinated their lien in writing and recorded in the land records.A junior lien can supersede a senior lien only if the senior lienor subordinated their lien in writing and recorded in the land records.

How do you spell lien?



is there a lien on this car