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Q: How is a message sent through a nerve?
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What is a nerve message called?

Well they are sent through the nervous system.

Is there a four letter word for a message sent through a?

Ooh, so close. Now we have to guess what the message was sent through. A message sent through a telegraph is a wire. A message sent through a chat room or a blog is a post. A message sent through a letter is mail.

When was the first message sent through internet?


Where are you think message come from and where are they sent?

the message comes from your mouth and when you hear it by your ear parts of your nerve cells that pick up messages or dendrites carries to the brain

Pass through the cochlea and are transformed into nerve impulses and sent to the brain?

sound waves

Name the short message sent through a mobile phone?

text or SMS

How can a message be sent to the people through the twitter?

By typing their username (@username) in your tweet.

In which direction does the message travel in the neuron?

it travels through the dendrite to the synaptic terminal to the axon

How does a message travel through a single neuron?

When a message gets sent to a neuron from the dendrite it goes through the cell body to the tip of the dendrite where it leaps to the next dendrite.

Where are messages interpreted in the brain?

In most cases signals are sent to the brain through the nervous system. Individual signals are transfer from neuron to neuron in the form of chemical and electrical energy that eventually reach the brain.

Why does the lg vortex says message not sent?

because the message was no sent.

Sms was disabled with AT and T but I sent a message to someone by accident will it show up on my bill as one text message?

Regardless of how or why you sent a text message, once it is sent from your phone it is billed as a sent text message.