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Yes, Canada has illegal immigrant laws.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 17:45:33
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Q: How is a person deported from Canada?
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Can a person deported from Canada could get US visa?


Can person apply for a student visa to Canada if they have been deported from the US?

Yes, Canada is its own country.

How do you find out if someone has been deported from Canada?

how do I find out if some is deported from canada

Can you Go To Canada If Deported From UK?

That depends on why you were deported from the UK.

Deportation reasons in Canada?

if a person is legally married with kids can he be deported because he has law issues?

Can you enter Canada after being deported from US?

I suppose you long as you havent been deported from canada..or have any felonies there...

If you get deported from Canada can you come back?

if u get deported from canada for been overstay from the US can u come back and when can u come back

Do you have to be deported in the Canadian army?

This question doesn't make sense. Deported means made to leave the country. And that means the person was not a legal resident of Canada. You can only join the Canadian army if you are a citizen.

Can a deported Mexican work in Canada?


Did Justin Bieber get deported back to Canada?


What circumstances would help you to stay in Canada?

If you got arrested in Canada and you didn't get deported.

If you married someone that was deported and then got married without divorcing the deported person is it legal?


Can you come back to Canada after being deported?

If you want to go back to Canada after being deported, you may haveÊto have an ARC, or an Authorization to Return to Canada. Whether you need one or not depends on the type of removal order you received.

What happens when someone is deported to Albania from Canada?

Absolutely nothing.

Can a person choose to be deported instead of serving time in prision?

No, the person will complete their entire sentence and then released to ICE custody and then deported.

Can a deported person become a us citizen?

my dad was deported 4 times. and as of 2004 he is a citizen.

Will Justin Bieber be deported back to Canada?

There is a small possibility that Justin Bieber could be deported if he is charged with a felony. It is highly doubtful.

Can the person be deported in the first immigration court?

on the first court can person be deported? can he ask for lawyer. Are they hold person till next court. or they let person be out befor next court?

How can you get a tourist visa for Canada?

if my husband got deported back to India can he still go to Canada to live

How can a aggravated felon who is deported com back to US?

Through Canada

From the movie the proposal where does Margaret risk being deported?


Why are people deported?

Deportation occurs when a person has violated the laws of any country. Not every violation leads to deportation. When a person has overstayed on a visa and not adhered to immigration laws, then he/she can be deported. Citizens cannot be deported but if they are convicted of any crime that affects the laws of the Country and its citizenship, then they can be deported.

Can a DUI indigent person be deported?


What if the person is illegally in the UK?

They can be arrested and deported.

How Can a Permament Resident Get Deported?

In Canada, If your an immigrated citizen and if you don't fill in certain forms by the time you turn a certain age (I think its 28) you can get deported