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Team USA recently acquired Cellie Wallic. His defense skills are the best in the game-he keeps the opposition's puck out of the net while allowing his own team members to fluidly move around the team's formations. His rigid backbone offers immeasurable support to the rest of the team.

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An animal cell is compared to a football team because there are many parts that work together. Each part has a different job.

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The umpire would be the nucleus, the mitochondria would be the Gatorade, the cell membrane would be the backstop, the rest IDK

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Q: How is a plant cell like an analogy to a basketball team?
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What is an analogy for amylosplast?

Answerit is in a plant cell Something that holds grains, like a corn or wheat silo.

What is an analogy of Amyloplast?

Like the mom of a cell

Analogy of cell and a dance?

analogy of cell in dasnce is things in dance but in the things of a cell like a nuclus in a cell is the boss of the cell so in dance the nuclues would be the dance teacher

What is functional analogy?

As you probably know, an analogy is a thing that helps someone to understand a concept. For instance an example of an analogy is: "The Nucleus of a cell is like a Brain, because the nucleus of a cell controls what goes on in it." The analogy for Cell Nucleus is Brain in this case. A FUNCTIONAL analogy is an analogy of an object or thing that doesn't necessarily look, smell, feel, taste, or sound like your to-be-analogized thing, but it has a similar purpose. An example of this is: "The cell membrane of an animal cell is like a bunch of security guards because they both control what goes in/out." I hope I was helpful.

An analogy to explain why cell size is limited?

Like an egg.

What is an analogy for vacuole?

A vacuole is like a stomach for the cell.

What does the plant cell?

the plant cell is like the animal cell but has a cell wall and chlorophasts

Analogy for a central vacuole?

An analogy would be like arefrigerator It stores our food away like a central vacuole. Also, I remember it like avacuum Myvacuumstores my dust (waste) and it is stored in the closet! Hope this helps!

What is an analogy for micorfilaments?

flagellum is like a fishes tail it helps a cell get places

Analogy for mitochondrion?

A power plant which gives energy to the community.

What is a cell school analogy for a chloroplast?

You can compare the chloroplast in a plant cell to a solar panel. Much like a solar panel, the chloroplast receives energy from the sun and converts it into sugar and the green coloring to a plant. A solar panel uses the sun's energy to convert it into energy to light a house etc.

What cell do animal cell does not present in plant cell?

In an animal cell, a cell wall is not present like in the plant cell