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i wany d introduction of d topic

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2007-11-22 16:24:04
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Q: How is a ratio analysis used in the decision making process?
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What is the Value of ratio analysis to the strategic decision making of an organization?

Importance of financial ratio analysis on investment decision making?

Various authors definition for ratio analysis?

Ratio analysis is a method which takes financial data and converts it into ratios for comparison. The data is available and calculating ratios can be accomplished with public financial statements. Calculations provide helpful for decision-making.

What is ratio analysis and importance of ratio analysis in financial management?

what is ratio analysis

What are the scopes of financial ratio analysis?

scope of ratio analysis

What is the formulae for ratio analysis?

Ratio Analysis = Current Asset / Current Liabilities

What is the formula for calculating ratio analysis?

Ratio Analysis = Current Asset / Current Liabilities

Importance of ratio analysis?

importance of ratios analysis

Management accounting ratio analysis along with ratio analysis formulas?

How dose the cost income ratio is calculated in the banking model?

What are the advantage and disadvantages business ratio?

ratio analysis

What ratio or other financial statement analysis technique will you adopt for analysis of liquidity of a firm?

What ratio or other financial statement analysis technique will you adopt for this.

Uses of ratio analysis?

The ratio analysis is useful for inter firm comparison which basically implies that a company compares its performance with that of its industry peers. Ratio analysis is very important in simplifying the accounting figures to make then understandable to a common man.

What is Liquidity ratio analysis?

RATIO ANALYSIS Meaning and definition of ratio analysis: Ratio analysis is a widely used tool of financial analysis. It is defined as the systematic use of ratio to interpret the financial statements...measure of a firms ability to meet short term cash payments. bassically liquidity ratios show how good a business is at paying off its debts. hope this helps :)liquidity ratios include current ratio (which is current assets/current liabilities) and acid test (which is current assets- stock/current liabilities.) liquidity ratio's shows how good a business is...

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