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How is a spit formed?


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October 21, 2010 11:44AM

Spits form as a result of deposition by longshore drift, which is the movement of sand along the coast by the waves. The spit is formed when any material that is being carried by the waves gets deposited due to a loss of the waves energy, this could be because of a change of wind direction, or an estuary in the opposing direction slowing it down. As time progresses the deposited material forms a spit.

Sediment for example at a mouth of a river is carried along the beach due to pravialling wind (when the wind blows the sea in a horizontal direction) the sediment is carried backwards and forwards called swash and backwash, over time the sediment can build up to form a landform such as a spit, along the edge of a bay. which usually have a hooked end.