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A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground.

So in order to be categorized as a tornado, a storm must rotate, connect to both the cloud base and the ground, and have ground level winds strong enough to cause damage.

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Q: How is a storm categorized as a tornado?
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How do tornadoes stop if they form on land?

How tornadoes stop is not fully understood, though it has more do do with the mechanics of the storm that produces the tornado rather than what surface with form on. The best explanation so far is that cold air from the rainy portion of either the tornado's parent storm or a nearby storm undercuts the updraft that sustains the tornado. This chokes of the supply of warm air that feeds the storm tot he point that it can no longer support a tornado.

How does a tornado move or acquire energy?

A tornado moves from the push of the wind, and it gets energy from its parent storm. The parent storm usually gets its energy from warm, moist air.

Why does a tornado lose power?

It is not fully understood how tornadoes dissipate. Most often, it is believed that cold or dry air enters the updraft of the tornado's parent storm, cutting off the supply of energy that powers both the storm and the tornado. Sometimes the storm loses energy as the heat of the day dissipates with the setting sun, or as the system supporting it retreats. The storm may also lose the rotation it needs to produce a tornado, such as by merging with a squall line.

What causes the movement of a tornado?

A tornado moves with its parent thunderstorm. The storm itself is carried by the winds in the environment it forms in.

How does a funnel in a tornado form?

The tornado pulls in moist air from the rainy portion of the parent storm. When the air is suddenly decompressed inside the tornado it cools and the moisture condenses, forming a cloud.

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How was the tornado of the elevens categorized?

The tornado of the elevens was categorized as an F4. It was called the tornado of the elevens because it occurred on November, 11, 1911. It was in Owosso, Michigan.

What is a tornado warned storm?

A tornado warned storm is a thunderstorm for which a tornado warning has been issued, meaning that the storm is producing rotation that can spawn a tornado.

Is a tornado a type of storm?

A tornado comes from a type of storm called a rotating thunderstorm, but is not a storm, itself.

Can a storm mix with a tornado?

A tornado does not "mix" with other storms. A tornado is part of a larger parent storm, though.

Can a storm turn in to a tornado?

A storm can't turn into a tornado, it a thunderstorm can produce one.

What is a tornado threat or tornado warned Storm?

A tornado warned storm is a thunderstorm for which a tornado warning has been issued, indicating that it is capable of producing a tornado. A tornado threat is a general term that refers to the danger tornadoes may pose to an area during a particular storm.

What does spawn a tornado mean?

When a storm spawns a tornado it produce a tornado.

What is a 7 letter word for a violent storm?


What chases the tornado?

storm chasers chase the tornado

Is a funnel cloud a tornado?

Not technically. It is the beginning of a tornado, but they are categorized differently. It is not considered a tornado until it reaches the ground with damaging winds.

How is a storm and a tornado similar?

A tornado is a type of storm. A storm is characterized by strong winds, heavy or dangerous precipitation, thunder and lightning, or some combination of those. A tornado produces the fastest winds of any storm on earth.

What could help stop a tornado?

There is nothing you can do to storm a tornado.