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The product of the wave's frequency and the wave's wave length is equal to the speed of propagation of the wave.

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Q: How is a waves frequency related to a waves length?
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How is wave length related to frequency fro waves moving at a constant speed?

Wavelength x frequency = speed of the wave.

What is the formila for frequency in waves?

Frequency = Speed/Wave length.

Which waves have lower frequency radar waves or visible waves?

Radar waves have a lower frequency that light waves.The frequency of a light wave is related to wavelength and speed by the equation c = »½. The color of a light wave is also determined by the frequency. The amplitude and brightness are not related to the frequency.

What is the relationship between length and wave frequency?

Frequency is inversely proportional to the wave length, thus saying the shorter the wave length the higher the frequency and vice versa.The frequency is the number of waves within a time period. As the frequency within that time period increases, the number of waves increases, therefore the width of each wave (wavelength) within that time period has to decrease. Therefore:As the wave length increases, the frequency decreasesAs the wave length decreases, the frequency increases

What are the diffrerent between infrared waves and radio waves?

Frequency, Length, Energy.

How is the transfer of energy as seismic waves related to the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in an region?

how is the transfer of energy as seismic waves related to frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in a region

The frequency and wavelength of all waves are?

inversely related

What are high frequency sounds?

A series of short length sound waves.

If the frequency of a wave increases what does that do to waves wavelenght?

The length of the wave decreases.

What radiation has the smallest frequency?

Radio waves have the lowest frequency, Gamma rays have the smallest wave-length.

How are frequency and energy of waves related?

Frequency and energy are related by the following: E = hf where h is Planck's constant, E is the energy in J, and f is the frequency in Hz. Remember that the product of any wavelength and its frequency is equal to the speed of light.

If the frequency of the waves produced by a vibrating object increases how does the wavelength of the waves produced change?

The wavelength decreases. Frequency and wavelength are inversely related.