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In (meters/second) / second, usually abbreviated to meters/second2. Or in any other unit of length, divided by a time unit squared (or even two different time units).

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Is the moon's acceleration expressed as a change in speed or a change in direction?

The moon's acceleration is expressed as a change in direction.

Gravity is best expressed as?


What is a derived unit used for acceleration?

In the SI, acceleration is expressed in meters / second2.

What is the symbol for acceleration?

I have usually seen this expressed as "a".

Acceleration is expressed in what unit?

[acceleration] = [any unit of length] / [any unit of time]2

How is force related acceleration?

Force is the produce of acceleration and mass. This is expressed in the equation F=ma

What unit is acceleration expressed?

[any unit of length] / [any unit of time]2 is a unit of acceleration

What is an acceleration that is 9.8 meters?

Acceleration is expressed in meters/second2, not in meters. Normal Earth gravity produces an acceleration of 9.8 meters/second2.

In what units is Angular acceleration expressed?


How are the units of acceleration expressed?

meters per second squared

How is the relationship of acceleration to mass and force expressed mathematically?

F = ma

What is the acceleration of gravity in pounds?

Acceleration can't be measured or expressed in pounds or any other unit of force. Acceleration is measured in units of (speed)/(time) or (length)/(time)2 .

Can your net force and acceleration be in opposite directions?

No, they are always in the same direction, as expressed in Newton's Second Law, which is usually expressed as: F=ma (force = mass x acceleration). In this equation, acceleration is a vector, so when multiplying it by a mass (which is NOT a vector), you get another vector that points in the same direction.

What is the effect of acceleration of the mass to the acceleration of the object?

The mass affects the acceleration, as expressed in Newton's Second Law. Solving for acceleration, you get:a = F/m In other words, assuming the net force doesn't change, with more mass you get less acceleration.

What is a unit where acceleration is expressed?

ms-2 SI Unit of acceleration feet-2 etcD. Meters per second squared

What is the expression for acceleration?

If you are referring to the penn foster question 2. In which of the following units is acceleration expressed? the answer is D. Meters per second squared

How is the relationship of the acceleration to mass and force expressed mathematically?

acceleration = force/ mass if mass is constant.

What is the dimensional formula of acceleration due to gravity?

An acceleration is a velocity divided by a time, so you have: acceleration = velocity / time acceleration = (distance / time) / time acceleration = distance / time2 The gravitational field can also be expressed as force / mass; this is equivalent to distance / time2.

What type of acceleration do you have if you are slowing down?

Deceleration. Slowing down can also be expressed by quoting a minus number for the amount of acceleration, e.g. -5m/s.

What is the acceleration of gravity expressed in English units?

32.2 feet per second2, on earth

What is law 2nd law of motion?

This is usually expressed as: force = mass x acceleration.

What must occur to expresss acceleration?

The definition of acceleration is ratio of change to velocity of change in time. Therefore, acceleration is best expressed with distance/ square of time, so ft/s2 and m/s2.

What unit is used to measure acceleration in free fall?

(any unit of distance) divided by (any unit of time)2 is a unit of acceleration.The acceleration of gravity is usually expressed in meters/second2 or feet/second2 .

How do you find the weight from the mass?

Weight is a force. Gravity is expressed as an acceleration. F = ma. You do the math. Literally, in this case; you multiply the acceleration due to gravity by the mass, and you get the weight.

What is the acceleration in minute and second due to the gravity of earth?

Minute and second are not units of acceleration, so the Earth's gravitationalacceleration can't be expressed in those units.The acceleration of gravity on or near the Earth's surface is9.807 meters (32.18 feet) per second per second

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