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Velocity is the combination of speed and its direction.

Any change of speed, or direction, or both, is acceleration.


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Acceleration is the change in velocity ("speed") over time.

They are not alike but they are related. A positive acceleration means an increase in velocity (speed). A negative acceleration means a decrease in velocity. Velocity (speed) has the dimensions of distance / time. Acceleration has the dimensions of distance/time2 or velocity/time.

velocity is the speed at which you are traveling, acceleration is the rate you are increasing or decreasing in velocity. If you are going at constant velocity, you are not increasing or decreasing speed, therefore your acceleration would be zero.-@mikesbabygurl13@

Speed and velocity same thing and acceleration is how fast it can get to a speed. More acceleration will get faster quicker

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity and acceleration is the change of velocity in time.

Speed, velocity, and acceleration all have momentum.

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity (not speed). Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity over time. Velocity is defined by speed and direction. A satellite orbiting the earth at a constant speed is still accelerating because gravity is making it travel in a circle (or ellipse) and consequently its direction and therefore its velocity is constantly changing.

The acceleration of an object is related to velocity since acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

Acceleration changes the speed - usually increases it. A reduction is speed is negative acceleration , or deceleration. Acceleration can change the speed or direction (or both) of velocity.

what are important speed, velocity and acceleration in several sports

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

Acceleration = velocity/time Velocity = time * acceleration =====================

Velocity is speed in a given direction Acceleration is the rate in which you change velocity.

Velocity = Displacement/Time Acceleration = Change in velocity (Final speed - initial speed) / time

No. Acceleration is the change of velocity. If velocity is constant, at any speed, acceleration is zero.

Acceleration is the derivative of velocity. In other words, acceleration is the rate at which the velocity is changing.

Force is related to acceleration because F= mass X acceleration. Velocity is speed with a direction included. For example, 35 mph is a speed, but 35mph north is a velocity. Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes. Say that over the course of 10 seconds, a car goes from zero to 100 meters per second. The car increases its velocity 10 meters per second every second. So the acceleration is 10 meters per second squared. For you Calculus types: Acceleration is the derivitive of velocity with respect to x. Velocity is the integeral of Acceleration with respect to x.

Speed is how fast you're going - velocity is your speed plus what direction you're traveling in - and acceleration is the rate at which your velocity is changing.

In that case, you have all three - speed, acceleration, velocity.

Yes. Acceleration is defined as a change in velocity. Since velocity is a measurement of speed and direction, acceleration is the change of speed and/or direction of an object's motion.Another AnswerAcceleration is the difference in velocity (which is the difference in displacement / difference in time) divided by the difference in time. Acceleration is not directly related to the change of speed or the change in direction. They will however affect the overall time.

Yes. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

If a velocity or speed is constant there isn't an acceleration. This is because the acceleration is the change in speed or velocity and if it's constant then there sn't a change.

acceleration is the slope of the velocity graph. acceleration is also the derivative of velocity.

By definition acceleration is the change in velocity (speed).

Speed is (distance covered) divided by (time taken to cover the distance).Velocity is a speed and its direction.Acceleration is any change of velocity.

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