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Blood pressure is increased to surply the oxygenated blood to cells that are metabolising and carrying the deoxygenated to the lungs to be oxygenated.

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How is blood pressure in the body affected by exercise?

well you see i dont have a clue

How is your blood pressure affected with exercise?

After exercise, your blood pressure will raise. Why? Because exercise raises your heart rate and heart rate raises blood pressure. I did this experiment on my Science Fair Project so im pretty sure about my answer. Hope I helped though :]

What is the effect of exercise on blood pressure?

If you exercise, it can help to lower your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you may also have to be on medication.

What happens to blood pressure as you exercise?

systolic blood pressure --> 120/80 <-- diastolic blood pressure as you exercise systolic blood pressure increases and diastolic blood pressure remains fairly constant

How does exercise affect blood pressure?

There is transient rise in blood pressure during and after the exercise. That is perfectly normal.

Why does blood pressure drop with exercise?

During exercise blood pressure will rise. However, if you exercise moderately on a regular basis your "resting blood pressure" may lower because you are improving your lifestyle.

Why is there an increase in systolic blood pressure during exercise?

why systolic blood pressure increase during exercise systolic pressure and exercese

What happens to systolic blood pressure during exercise?

what happens to systolic blood pressure during an exercise session

Can regular exercise increase your blood pressure?

Regular exercise typically decreases blood pressure. While blood pressure would be high during exercise, it strengthens your heart and makes it healthier, therefore bringing your blood pressure closer to an ideal level.

How is blood shunting affected by exercise?

because it does!

How do you treat blood pressure?

Exercise, healthy diet or a blood pressure medication

How is the Cardiovascular system affected by exercise?

blood pressure rises heart rate rises body temperature rises causing sweat

Summarize the effects of body position and exercise on blood pressure?

The effects of body position and exercise on blood pressure are vast. Blood pressure decreases over time as a person exercises.

What are the short term effcts of exercise on blood pressure?

an increase in systolic blood pressure

What happens to your blood pressure when you exercise?

Exertion will cause blood pressure to elevate. Biking makes my blood pressure drop ( afterwards )

Is exercising good for blood pressure?

well yes, exercise will lower high blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure-?

To lower blood pressure, eat healthy, exercise, and avoid salt.

What is Blood flow through the circulatory system affected by?

Blood flow can be affected by such factors as clots and blood pressure which are in turn affected by obesity and genetics.

Is blood pressure affected by Vegemite?


Blood pressure is affected by constriction and dilation of?

Arteries and blood vessels.

What response should blood pressure have to an acute bout of exercise?

It should increase high blood pressure

How do you lower blood pressure immediately?

A balanced diet and regular exercise can reduce high blood pressure.

Why does blood pressure increase during exercise?

Blood pressure increases during exercise because the heart is pumping blood through the body faster than at rest. The blood pressure will go back to normal once the body slows down.

Does blood pressure increase after moderate exercise?


What will help lower blood pressure?

Diet and exercise