How is carbon dioxide alive?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Its not. Carbon Dioxide is a gas that trees and plants ingest and we emit.

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Q: How is carbon dioxide alive?
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Is a carbon dioxide a electolyte?

carbon dioxide will keep you alive but will not quench your thirst so no it is not.

Is carbon dioxide alive?

No, it is a gas.

What is a waste product of breathing?

Carbon-Dioxide is the gas we breath out. But is also the gas trees need to keep alive.

What type of gas do plants need to stay alive?

plants need oxygen to stay alive and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis

What are the two important gases that staying us alive?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are critical for us to breath. Oxygen is the gas that keeps us alive. Increased levels of carbon dioxide is what enables us to keep breathing. When carbon dioxide increases in our system we respond by breathing.

What activities would NOT increase carbon dioxide in the bloodstream?

All activities release carbon dioxide in the blood stream. As long as you are alive, your cells will continue to produce carbon dioxide. Even resting or sleeping will not stop it.

What keeps plants alive?

Carbon dioxide gas that is in the air. When animals inhale carbon dioxide from the outside to their lungs. Carbon dioxide into the holes leaves are small. Plant for food to survive building and carbon dioxide needs.

Plants breath in which gas?

A plant Breaths out oxygen, And breath in Carbon dioxide For humans its opposite we breath in Oxygen and breath out Carbon dioxide If we didn't have plants we wouldn't be alive and if plants didn't have us then they wouldn't be alive to.

What keeps trees alive?

water, sun, carbon dioxide ,the planet,soil

Is yeast alive because it takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide?

Yeast cells are alive. However, it takes in oxygen in the form of glucose. yeast + glucose -> alcohol + CO2 We know that yeast cells are alive because it produces wastes (alcohol and carbon dioxide) and they reproduce.

Could carbon dioxide in the atmosphere be considered an abiotic factor?

It is an abiotic factor as it is not alive.

What gas is produced by respiration?

Carbon dioxide.