How is clay case disposed of?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How is clay case disposed of?
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What is case disposed in divorce court?

Disposed means the case is closed. It could either be a final judgment or dismissed.

Court case disposed?

If a court case is listed as having been "disposed", it would indicate that the case is closed due to resolution and no other action is necessary.

What does disposed mean in a divorce court case?

A droped case

What happens if you were caught shoplifting twice but the first case was disposed of?

No indication is given as to how the first case was "disposed of." But you usually do NOT get two free bites at the apple.

Are you considered convicted if your case is disposed?

Not necessarily. Not enough information is given in the question."Disposed" simply means that the case is finished in the states eyes, and is no longer 'active.' There are several manners in which a case is "disposed" of - among them - you could have been found guilty, not guilty, or the case may have simply been dismissed.

When a case is disposed can a person bring up that case against the court?


What does disposed mean for a traffic ticket case?

If your traffic case is marked as "Disposed," this usually means that the case has been decided and a judgment has been entered. If you feel unsure, speaking to your lawyer will help you understand the details of your case.

What happens is someone was charged for disorderly conduct and case was disposed?

The case first has to be dismissed. Once the case has been dismissed it will be disposed of. In some cases it may not be on your record and in some cases it will say dismissed.

What is a disposd court case?

When a case has been either dismissed or adjudicated, it has been disposed of.

What does re-disposed mean in a court of law?

reopen case

What does this mean Case disposed with disposition of the court finding?

When a case comes to High Court/Supreme Court the case will be first listed and tracked with "Pending" Status,when argument for the case happens and Honorable Judge listens the arguments and feel that he can take a decision on the case then the Judgment Will be reserved and the case will be disposed. The case disposed doesn't mean that it is in favour of the appealed or not it only means that the case has been heard and a judgment has been made.

What does 'case disposed' mean in regard to a foreclosure case?

It means that the legal aspect of the foreclosure has been finished.