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A compound meter is a phrase used in music, and in flow measurement. For the latter, a compound meter is one in which the measuring system differs depending whether a large or a small flow is being measured. That is, the meter will contain two different measuring gauges.

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Q: How is compound meter different from a simple meter?
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Is a knife a compound machine or a simple machine?

simple machine

Why a compound pendulum is called equivalent simple pendulum?

Compound pendulum is a physical pendulum whereas a simple pendulum is ideal pendulum. The difference is that in simple pendulum centre of mass and centre of oscillation are at the same distance.

Is a gumball machine a simple machine?

No. It is a compound machine. It is made of simple machines.

Is a catapult a compound or simple machine?

Compound, many different things combine to create a catapult. lever arm, torque battery (twisted rope) winding mechanism firing control (ratchet system with trigger)

What is the difference between a simple machine and a complex machine?

A simple machine is what it says, it's a very simple machine, made up of only one simple machine, such as a screw or a lever. A complex machine is more than one simple machine working together, instead of working alone.Simple machines are:ScrewInclined PlaneLevers (three different classes)PulleysWheel and AxelWedgeExamples of compound machines:DrillScissorsA simple machine has 1 part, while the complex machine is made up of many different parts.SIMPLE MACHINE : I machine that is simple and small most of the time .COMPLEX MACHINE : a machine that's complex .a simple machine makes the amount of force and effort you use in work easier.a compound machine is a numerous amount of simple machines put together to make work easier.a simple machine is one of the basic machines: wedge, lever, inclined plane, pulley, or a screw. a complex machine is any two or more of these used in collaboration.Complex machines are simply a series of simple machines working to achieve a single goal.

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Why is 3 4 time both a simple and compound meter?


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There are different types of microscopes, and some are simple and some are compound. It depends on which microscope you are talking about.

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compound it has two different types of cells in it

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The black locust leaf is a simple leaf. Compound leaves have several different parts that all come together to form a single leaf.

What are the different kinds of meter in music subject?

it is so simple the answer is Duple meter, triple meter and quadruple meter.. hope i helped

What are two different types or microscopes?

compound and simple

Is handle minuet a duple or triple meter?

Duple meter is any meter where there are 2 beats to the measure. There are two types of duple meter; simple duple and compound duple. An example of simple duple would be 2/4. An example of compound duple is 6/8.

6 4 meter name and note value?

6/4 meter is a compound meter, and the note value is different depending on which key you are playing in.

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A star fruit leaf is compound. It is made up of many different elements.

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Sentence according to structure are: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex.

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Simple leaf

Is the hymn Amazing Grace an example of a simple or compound rhythmic meter?

Simple meter means a bar can be divided into 2 equal parts without splitting beats. Given that Amazing Grace is most commonly scored in 3/4 time, this is not possible. Therefore, Amazing Grace is an example of compound meter. However, if you mean is it an example of simple or compound time in musical composition, then, being 3/4, it is simple. That's the simple answer. Nowadays virtually any song can be adapted to become either simple or compound meter. However, it usually loses much of its original flavour. For instance, I've played the tune in jazz where Amazing Grace is sped up so it's played in a quick 2. In this case, the words "Amazing Grace" would be contained within the first bar ("Ama-" is beat 1, "zing Grace" is beat 2). When it's played in 2, it is technically simple meter. However, this takes a lot of artistic license with the original tune. Hope this explains things.