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Q: How is condensation important in cooling?
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Why is boiling a cooling process and condensation a warming process?

condensation is a cooling process by the way

Is condensation a cooling or warming process?

Condensation is the opposite of vaporization. When you sweat you are cooling your body off; therefore condensation is a warming process. Or Evaporation A+

Evaporation is a cooling process and condensation is?

Condensation is a warming process.

Is condensation the same as cooling?

No it is not. Condensation does occur on the evaporator in an air conditioning system.

What is the cooling of water in the atmosphere that changes gas to liquid?


How how do you use condensation in a sentence?

Condensation of the gas forms the water droplets. Here condensation is defined as the cooling of gas.

How can you collect water that has evaporated?

By condensation after cooling.

Is condensation exothermic or endothermic change?

Condensation is exothermic reaction because it is the process of conversion of gas into liquid by cooling and for cooling heat is released. Hence, it is exothermic reaction.Hope you are satisfied with the answer.

What is the cooling process called and it is a 12 letter word?


Why does your refrigerator have water in the bottom?

condensation from the cooling coils this is normal

What is evaporation condensation?

Evaporation is the process of water becoming a vapour. Condensation is the cooling of the water vapour back into a liquid.

Condensation water cycle definition?

The cooling of water vapor in the atmosphere is known as condensation. It then comes to earth in the form of precipitation.