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There are many other ways to produce eletricity without solar energy, you have other renewables sources which include wind (wind farms) and water (turbines in water) some dams have water turbines to produce energy.

The rest of our eletricity is produce by burning fossil fuels, there is also nuclear power as well.

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Q: How is electricity produced without solar energy?
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What energy is produced from sunlight and solar panel?


Is solar energy created in power plants?

No, solar energy is produced by the sun. We can capture it with solar panels, or solar farms, which are banks of panels or other gadgets to capture the sun's heat and energy. We can then transform this into electricity.

What kind of energy is being produced by sunlight - heat or electricity?

Sunlight is light, and it has light energy. Different types of solar panels can convert that to heat energy, or to electricity.

Can solar energy be used for electricity?

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity.

Can electricity be made From solar power?

yes electricity can be produced from the solar power

What device is used to convert solar energy to electricity?

solar cells are used to convert solar energy to electricity.

What device can convert solar energy into electricity directly without having to produce steam first?

a solar panel

What kind of energy is transformed to create electricity?

Solar energy can be transformed into electricity with the use of solar panels. Energy from the Sun is called solar energy,

What is solar lighting most often used for?

Solar lighting is produced by the use of solar energy also known as photovoltaic cell. This device is used to convert the solar energy into electrical energy. Solar lighting is often used for supplying household electricity.

What generates electricity without polluting the environment?

Utilizing wind power....i.e. wind mills to generate electricity. Solar Energy....i.e. solar panels

What type of energy source is electricity?

Electricity is a secondary energy source which means it is produced from primary energy sources such as oil, gas, nuclear energy, wind, coal, solar, etc. It may be called an energy carrier.

What solar energy used for?

Solar energy is used for heating and electricity.