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how is manipulation shown in Enders game

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Q: How is ender manipulated in enders game?
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Who is enders teacher from Ender's Game?

Dap and Mazer Rackham

What was Mazers and Enders relationship like in enders game?

Mazer is Enders teacher during enders game. he trained him to beat the formics. [SPOILER] he made ender think that he was testing him with games when ender was actually fighting in the war. They first met on Eros, the asteriod where Command School was held. In the book Ender In Exile they are companions who are close during the begining of the book before Ender leaves for Colony 1 (later named Shakespeare

Enders favorite position when battling in Ender's Game?

The enemy's gate is DOWN!

On what page of the book 'Enders Game' did Ender kill Bonzo?

page 211

Who does ender love in Enders Game?

On Planet Eros, Ender finds the Giant's Drink dream in the landscape. He walks up to the castle in which the mirror showed Peter. He lifts the mirror from the wall; he finds the Hive Queens cocoon left for Ender to begin a new bugger civilization( the bugger's were actually good).

Does ender die at the end of enders game?

No - Ender does not die at the end of "Ender's Game". He survives to go with the first wave of colonists who are heading out to colonize all the worlds previously occupied by the Formics. He suffers death, of a sort, in one of the later books of the Enders quartet.

Enders game who does peter like?

In the book Peter likes Valentine. The book is called Ender's Game.

What is a connection between the book Enders Game and Hitler?

no connection between ender's game and hitler..... i hope this help ':)