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Nuclear fusion involves the joining together of two atomic nuclei, fusing them into a single nucleus. When you join two nuclei together (usually light nuclei with only a few protons and/or neutrons), a tremendous amount of energy is released. Just as it takes a tremendous amount of energy to pull apart the pieces of a nucleus, when you put two pieces together, a lot of energy is released. Fusion is often confused with nuclear fission, but they are very different. Fission involves the breaking apart of a single nucleus into two smaller nuclei. Fusion is joining nuclei. Fission is breaking apart a nucleus. A tremendous amount of energy is released upon joining two nuclei together (it is this reaction that is happening inside the sun). It also takes a huge amount of energy to get this reaction to occur. The only way we currently know how to start a nuclear fusion reaction efficiently is to use an atomic bomb to get it started! This is how much energy you need to start the reaction! There are several other ways that we know of to start fusion reactions, but they all require more energy input than you get as energy output. There is a tremendous amount of research currently on so-called "cold fusion" or a way to do fusion without this huge amount of energy input. Currently all known methods involve putting in MORE energy than you get out! That's not a good design for a power plant, to say the least (nor is having atomic bombs going off inside to keep the reactors going!). See the Web Links to the left of the page for more information.

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Q: How is energy produced by nuclear fusion?
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Is nuclear energy produced by fusion?

Now nuclear energy is produced by fission.

Compare and contrast the suns energy with the process of nuclear fusion?

The suns energy is produced by nuclear fusion

Is the energy produced by nuclear fusion greater or less than the energy produced by a fission reaction?

Energy produced by nuclear fusion is much greater than (by around 400 times) energy produced by nuclear fission per unit mass.

Why are the stars apart of nuclear energy?

The energy of stars is produced by nuclear fusion

What kind of nuclear energy is produced by hydrogen bombs and stars?

This is produced by nuclear fusion

How is energy produced in a star?

Nuclear fusion and hydrogen.

Is the produced from a meteor is produced by nuclear fusion?

No, the impact energy of a meteor is all from kinetic energy, nothing nuclear is involved.

How does fusion relate to the sun?

The energy of the Sun is produced by nuclear fusion - the fusion of hydrogen into helium.

Nuclear fusion of What atoms produced the sun's energy?


How is the sun an example of nuclear energy?

The sun's energy is produced by nuclear fusion (not fission) at the core of the sun.

What energy is produced when atom fuse or split?

Nuclear energy is produced when atoms split or undergo fusion.

How is energy produced during a nuclear fusion reaction?

when the nuclear bumps around What does that mean!?

Is strontium produced by nuclear fusion?

No Strontium is produced by nuclear fission not fusion.

What are the similarities between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission?

In both of them energy is produced due mass change into energy.

Source of heat and light energy produced by stars?

Nuclear fusion

Is fusion nuclear energy or chemical energy?

Nuclear fusion produces nuclear energy

When is the Suns energy produced?

The energy was basically there since the beginning of the Universe, i.e., the Big Bang. The Sun converts the energy through a process called nuclear fusion.

How is energy produced during nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion release an enormous amount of energy; but this energy must be transferred to a fluid and so far beyond what can not be done for the time being.

Does nuclear fusion create thermal energy?

Yes, fusion is exothermic until nickel & iron are produced.

How is nuclear energy produced in an atom?

Nuclear energy is not "produced" in an atom. It is already there. All we do when we initiate fission or fusion reactions is to move the energy from one frame of reference to another.

Is nuclear energy produced by the sunlight?

No, in fact sunlight is produced by nuclear fusion, not directly but from the heat produced which makes the outer layer of the sun incandescent

The sun's energy is most likely the result of?

The Sun gets its energy from nuclear fusion.The Sun gets its energy from nuclear fusion.The Sun gets its energy from nuclear fusion.The Sun gets its energy from nuclear fusion.

Solar energy is produced by?

Nuclear fusion in sun. Solar Cells on Earth.

Is solar the same as nuclear?

Solar power is derived from nuclear fusion in the sun. It is nothing to do with nuclear energy as produced on earth

Did the energy that is stored in fossil fuels come from fission or fusion reactions from the sun?

Not fission. The sun's energy is produced by nuclear fusion, and that energy produced all the vegetation which turned into fossil fuel.