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Energy is transferred through a food chain by the consumers eating the producers and/or other consumers.


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A food chain shows which organisms eat which and an energy pyramid shows how much energy is transfered to each level of a food chain.

energy is transfered through the burning of the marijuana plant which in return gets the consumer high AF.

Energy that can be transfered to the next level

The sun is the first provider of energy. Mostly absorbed by plants for there energy needs. Then that energy is transfered to animals and works its way through the food chain.

90% is used by the organism, 10% is transferred to the successive organism.

The energy in a food chain transfers through the organisms involved in it.

Well the sun is the bottom then producers that make there own food from energy in the sun then herbivores eat the plants and energy i s transfered to them the carnivores eat the herbivores and the energy is transfered to them and another carnicore will eat them

Energy is transferred through a food chain when an organism eats another organism. As the food chain progresses, less energy is available when an organism is consumed.

Energy travels through a food chain or web.

From Plants to herbivores to carnivores through food .

food web is just lines connected to each other. well food chain is sequence that shows how energy & nutrients is transfered to other organisms.

The steps in a food chain or food web show the transfer of energy through different organisms in an ecosystem. A food web differs from a food chain because a food web shows a variety of possibilities to where the energy in an organism can be transfered; a food chain, on the other hand, shows only one possibility of an energy transfer. For example, energy always starts out with the Sun; then Sun's energy then moves onto the producers on Earth, aka plants. It then moves to the consumers, including omnivores and/or herbivores who eat the plants. Then, that's where the omnivores and/or carnivores get their energy from.

What happens is that throughout the food chain the energy stays the same.

in a food chain, energy transfers from one level to another. The 10% rule says that 10% of energy is transfered from one level to another because the rest of the energy is being used by the organism.

Energy is passed through the ecosystem in the food chain. Sun to plants to Consumers to Decomposers which keeps going through the food chain, which is the energy.

there are many diffrent ways that energy can be transfered from one thing to another. but when i thisk of this topic, i think of a food chain or a food web. in a food chain or food web, it shows where the energy is going, therefore, shows who is getting eaten by what.

90 percent of energy is lost at each level in a food chain.

Energy. In general, only about 10% of the energy available is able to be passed up the food chain.

When a animal in the food chain eats another lower in the food chain, the energy is transferred by heat and movement, some though is lost!

the grass moves when a part the chain eat the grass and then the food chain continues

Energy and nutrients are passed from organism to organism, through the food chain as one organism, eats another.

Food Chains get energy from the producers in that specific food chain. The producers, such as grass, make enery using the sun, that is passed on through the food chain.

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