How is energy use determined?

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Usually we use a mechanical or electrical meter. Gas supplies can simply drive round a counter. Electricity can be measured in several ways, for instance by using part of it to turn a disc which in turn drives a counter. Essentially we measure how much power we use and for how long. The unit is usually kilowatt-hours.
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What laboratory methods are used to determine the energy content of foods?

calorimeter . although not most accuratethe simplest way to test the energy content of foods is using a calorimeter, this is basically a insulated copper beaker filled with water. the item of food is burned under the copper cup. the change in temperature of the water is then taken. using the spe ( Full Answer )

How did Niels Bohr use spectra to determine energy levels of atoms and ions?

\n. \n Patterns in Spectral Lines \n. \nWhen a gas is excited in an electrical discharge, light is emitted (this is essentially how neon lamps work). Niels Bohr looked at this emitted light using a spectrograph, which separates different wavelengths of light (just a like a simple triangular ( Full Answer )

How does solar energy determine weather and climate?

if there was no solar energy then there would be no winds because the sun heats the ground and all the air around it and it rises and it pushes cold air down to the ground and the hot air cools off and the cold air warms up and that process of heating creates winds.

What is the formula you use to determine the gravitational potential energy of an object?

Weight x Height = Potential energy The units and the calculation are the same as for work. Work is force through a distance. Get the weight in the SI by multiplying the mass in kilograms by the acceleration due to gravity on earth like so: 1.00 Kg x 9.81 m/s 2 = 9.81 Newton . The gravitational ( Full Answer )

What determines the energy of a river?

I think it's a correlation of the volume of water multiplied by the steepness of descent. That is Mass X Velocity. Having said that please note I did start with the words 'I think....'

How do you determine an energy coefficient?

Hydraulic energy coefficient is: EnD=E/(n*D)2 where EnD is theenergy coefficient E is the specific hydraulic energy (J/kg) n isthe rotational speed (rpm) D is the diameter (m).

How do you determine ionization energy?

they should giveyou a chart to read off.... if they don't, then the first is small, and then it increases as you take more electrons... because the atomic radius is decreasing, the nuclear pull is increasing, and the ratio of protons to electrons is increasing, so the electrons are pulled in more t ( Full Answer )

How can you determine an objects mechanical energy?

You have to use a method of absorbing the energy, and measuring what has been absorbed. For example engines are tested using a dynamometer, which can measure the force exerted and the rate of working of the engine. A simple analogy would be with the fairground game where you slam a hammer down onto ( Full Answer )

How is the energy value of food determined?

it determines how your weight equals the mass of the height of what you and your attracting bodies weight and eat... ( im an scientist who knows everything about these stuff... Thank you )...

How to Determine elastic potential energy?

The potential energy is the product of the force required to compress or stretch the elastic medium, and the distance of travel. If the force is measured in Newtons and the movement in meters, the work done will be in Joules.

What determines an objects thermal energy?

What determines an objects temperature. The higher the temperaturethe faster the particles move, the more Kinetic Energy they haveand the greater the objects Thermal energy=) Haha I am superr dupper dumb

What determines an energy level?

The energy of a photon is described by the equation: Where l is the wavelength, h is Planck's constant, c is the speed of light, and E is the energy. So, the energy of a photon increases as the wavelength decreases.

Why a Gm counter is not useful for determining absorbed energy in a gas?

The Geiger-Meuller detector operates in avalanche mode, meaning that each ionization interaction results in a full pulse on the detector. Each pulse, then, is not proportional to the energy of the original event, making this not useful for determining absorbed energy. If you want to do that, you n ( Full Answer )

What factors determine whether a source of energy is useful?

1 Whether it is a renewable resource, (a resource that naturally renews itself, like solar power or wind) 2 Its cost effectiveness (does it help reduce the cost of energy in a community) 3 How easy it is to harness this source of energy 4. Whether or not using this resource is harmful to the envi ( Full Answer )

Does amplitude determine the energy of a wave?

Yes. Basically, the energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude. Yes. Basically, the energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude. Yes. Basically, the energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude. Yes. Basically, the energy is proportional to the square of the amplitud ( Full Answer )

What characteristic determines the energy of a light wave?

It's wavelength or frequency. The energy of a light photon (particle of light) is equal to (h x c) / wavelength, or to h x frequency, where h is Planck's constant and c is the velocity of light in a vacuum.

How is gravitational potential energy determined?

Potential Energy is calculated by the product of the mass of the object ( not weight! ), the gravitational acceleration ( 9.81 m/s/s ) and the height of the object above a datum. mass x 9.81 x height

Determine how energy is related to change in state?

Energy is used to do work against in separating the mutually attracive atoms or molecules from each other to change them from solid into liquid and from liquid into gaseous state.

What two factors does the electric company use to determine how much a business will pay for electrical energy?

There are more than two factors, however, the main two factors are kilowatt hours of energy used and weather the energy is used in peak or off-peak times. Other factors like power factor correction and maintenance of on-site transformers and power conditioning equipment for large businesses can affe ( Full Answer )

How do the wavelength and the frequency of a wave determine its energy?

There are two kinds of waves. One is mechanical for which the energy is given by the expression 2 m pi 2 a 2 nu 2 . a is the amplitude of vibration and nu is the frequency of vibration. Hence in case of mechanical waves, energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude. But in case of elec ( Full Answer )

How does activation energy determine if a reaction will release or absorb energy?

Activation energy is really just the minimum amount of energy needed for a chemical reaction to occur. Without it, the energy will stay the same and the substance cannot undergo a chemical change. The thing to look at, I think, is the product of the reaction. For example, in a graph, two substances ( Full Answer )

What determines an ecosystems energy budget?

Ecosystem energy budget`s depend primarily of autotroph`s such as photoautotrophic organisms. The budget (energy that can be used by energy flux) depends on these primary producers for the rest of the food webs.

What determines electomagnetic wave energy?

The energy of a photon is the frequency times Planck's constant, hν . Gamma ray photons have the highest energy, then x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light (from violet to red), infrared, microwaves & radio waves. Then there's intensity whuch depends on how many photons you have. The brighter the l ( Full Answer )

How do you determine how many energy levels an atom has?

To determine the no. of energy levels present in an atom, it's proper electronic configuration must be written. The highest principle quantum number tells that the atom consists of that much shells including all the sub-shells and the orbitals. Example:- Elec. config. of oxygen is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 4 . ( Full Answer )

What determines kinetic energy of gases?

Heat and pressure. the more pressure we put on a gaseous substance the greater the heat. the greater the heat the more kinetic energy it has.

How do you determine frequency and energy in a wave?

To determine frequency, you can use the formula f = 1 / T, where T is the period of the wave. Period refers to the time taken for one complete wave cycle or a complete wavelength. Energy can be calculated by the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy at any point, since the total energy remains ( Full Answer )

What determines the loudness or energy of sound?

The source of the sound determines how loud it is. Sound is apressure wave transmitted through a material medium the energybeing released at the point of origin of the sound determines theenergy in that pressure wave and the more the energy the louder thesound.