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How is frequency and pitch related?

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1000hz is equal to 1 mel, mel unit of pitch

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What is a pitch related to?

Pitch is related to frequency the higher the pitch the higher the frequency.

How is pitch related to frequency?

The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch. The lower the frequency, the lower the pitch.

What is a relationship of frequency and volume and amplitude and pitch?

Frequency is related to pitch; volume is related to amplitude.

How a sounds pitch and frequency are related?

Higher the frequency higher the pitch.

How is pitch related to the wavelength and frequency of a wave?

Pitch is frequency: the higher the pitch the higher the frequency, and vice-versa.

How do frequency change the pitch of a sound?

Pitch is directly related to frequency. i.e. the higher the frequency, the higher the pitch.

What does frequency of vibration have to do with the pitch?

They are directly related. As frequency increases, so does pitch.

What is the relation of pitch of sound and its frequency?

Pitch of a sound and frequency are directly related to each other.The greater the frequency,the higher the pitch and lower the frequency,the lower the pitch.

Pitch is determined by what property of a sound wave?

frequencyPitch of a sound wave is related to its frequency. Higher the frequency, higher the pitch of the sound will be.

Are loudness and pitch related?

No, pitch is related to wave frequency, loudness is related to wave amplitude.

What sound wave is the pitch related to?


What is the difference between pitch and volume?

Pitch is related to a sound's frequency. Volume is related to its amplitude.

Does the frequency of a sound wave deal with the volume of the sound?

No. Frequency is related to pitch, and amplitude is related to volume.

What happen to the frequency wave length and amptitude of a sound that decrease in pitch?

Pitch is a characteristic decided by the frequency. So high pitch high frequency. Low frequency is the cause of low Pitch. Frequency and wavelength are always inversely related. So wavelength increases. But amplitude in no way is related to the pitch. Hence amplitude could remain the same.

What is musical pitch?

Pitch is the tonal frequency of a given sound. "Higher" pitch is associated with an increased frequency (and shorter wavelength). (see related links) *For other uses of pitch, see related questions.

How are the terms loudness amplitude pitch frequency related?

Loudness means amplitude and pitch means frequency.

The pitch you hear is related to the of a sound wave?


What is the pitch of a sound is most closely related to?


The pitch of a sound is directly related to what?

Frequency or amplitude

What property of sound waves is related to pitch?


What property of sound is related to frequency?

The pitch of the sound is.

What is related to the pitch of a sound wave?

Frequency (Apex)

The pitch you hear is related to the what of a sound wave?

The frequency

How are amplitude and frequency related to sound?

These two qualities are not directly related to each other. The amplitude of a sound wave is related to volume. The larger the amplitude the louder the sound. The frequency of a sound wave is pitch. The higher the frequency the higher the pitch.

What is a subjective property of sound related to frequency?

Pitch is related to the frequency of Sound. So the subjective property is Pitch. Colour is related to the wavelength of Light. So the subjective property of Light is Colour.

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