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Q: How is general zaroff is oxymoron?
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How does General Zaroff get his prey?

in general zaroff's game, how long does he gave to find the prey he hunts?

How does General Zaroff know who Rainford was?

General Zaroff knew who Rainsford was because Zaroff read the hunting book that Rainsford wrote.

Who are the characters in the most dangerous game and what are there roles?

General Zaroff and Rainsford. General Zaroff- Is the terrorist and is trying to kill rainsford. Rainsford- Is the surviver and is trying to escape for General Zaroff.

What does General Zaroff propose to Rainsford?

General Zaroff proposes a hunt, but only the General will be hunting because Rainsford will be his prey.

How did General Zaroff get on the island?

general zaroff bought the island to hunt his new found prey, humans

With which of the following does Rainsford have an external conflict?

general zaroff

What nationality and race were General Zaroff and Ivan?


Differences between Montresor and General Zaroff?

montresor lives in a small unnamed town in Italy. Zaroff lives on an spooky mysterious Island on the Caribbean Sea. The General had help and his name was Ivan Also general Zaroff help was a Giant also had a pack of dogs and a montresor had none of those thing accept he had servant's.

In the story the most dangerous game what animal does general zaroff like to hunt on the island?

In the Story Most Dangerous Game General Zaroff Hunts is the Cape Bufflo

Why is Rainsford the ideal prey according to general zaroff?


What is General Zaroff's island called?

Ship wreck island

What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the story?

It says on a different website, that you are supposed to believe Rainsford kills Zaroff.