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Q: How is graphite different from other types of allotropes of carbon?
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How is a graphite different from other allotropes of carbon?

Diamonds, coke, coal, graphite, fullerenes

How does the molecular structure of graphene differ from the other allotropes of carbon diamond and graphite?

The molecular structure of graphene differ from the other allotropes of carbon diamond and graphite in that graphene consist of a single layer of atoms.

Are carbon and graphite same material?

Yes. Graphite is an allotrope of carbon. Allotropes are composed of the same element but the arrangement differs. Diamond and fullerenes are also allotropes of carbon. Allotropes of carbon differ in the arrangement of the carbon atoms. The structure of graphite enables it to be used in pencils (the "lead") and as a lubricant, but the arrangement of carbon in diamond makes it the hardest substance known on the earth.

Does carbon conduct electricity?

Graphite (an allotrope of carbon) and graphene does conduct electricity whilst other allotropes of carbon such as diamond do not.

What is graphite' s chemical formula?

Graphite is just an allotrope of the element carbon, in that it is carbon in a different form. Graphite exists in a hexagonal planar structure which allows sheets of graphite to slide over each other easily which is what you see when you write; it is also used as a lubricant (though not in a vacuum) The allotropes of Carbon include diamond, graphite and fullerenes.

Do diamonds contain calcium carbonate?

NO!!!! Diamonds are an ALLOTROPE of CARBON. Other allotropes of carbon are graphite and Buckminster Fullerene(Footballene)

Are carbon and aluminium good conductors of heat?

Aluminium is a good conductor. Carbon, in the form (allotrope) of graphite is a good conductor but its other allotropes are not.

What is the crystal form of Graphite?

Graphite is in the hexagonal crystal system. Graphite is made up of thin layers of the element carbon and is one of the only two allotropes of the element. The other is diamond.

Is one form of carbon a diamond?

Yes. Other allotropes include coal and graphite, such as you might find in a pencil as 'lead'.

What are 3 forms of carbon?

Graphite, diamonds, Lonsdaleite, C60 (Buckminsterfullerene), C540 Fullerene, C70 Fullerene, Amorphous carbon, and Single-walled carbon nanotube are all solid allotropes of carbon. Allotropes are different structural forms of the same element.

What do diamonds graphite and coal have in common?

The are all composed of carbon (although coal commonly also contains other elements such as sulphur).

What element is diamond and your pencil led are made of?

Yes, carbon.supplement. when an element exists in two or more forms, these forms are known as an allotrope. Carbon has three allotropes, graphite, diamond, and ordinary carbon.