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When objects touch, heat is transferred by the process of conduction. Conduction is when heat transfers when molecules collide!

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Q: How is heat transferred when objects touch?
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How is heat transferred through the process of convection?

radiation: the objects don't touch conduction: the objects do touch convectioin: idk go ask your science teacher ^.^

When objects kinetic energy can be transferred.?

When objects collide or touch, kinetic (mechanical) energy can be transferred.

When objects blank kinetic energy can be transferred?

When objects collide or touch, kinetic (mechanical) energy can be transferred.

How is heat transferred from one object to another (Apex)?

Heat moves from warmer objects to cooler objects.

How heat naturally transferred between objects?

Heat can be transferred in three ways, which are called conduction, convection, and radiation.

How is the sun heat transferred to the objects on earth?


How is the sun's heat transferred to the objects of the earth?


When you touch hot sand heat is transferred by?


How is heat transferred between two objects that are not touching?


What is transferred between objects as a result of temperature differences?


When you touch hot sand heat transferred by what to your skin?

Conduction transfers heat when objects are in contact. The particles of the hotter substance are moving fast. They bump into those of the colder one and transfer part of their energy.

In order for heat to be transferred between two objects by conduction?

Two objects must be touching and it has to transfer heat