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I got a little wordy, here is part 1/3!

OH MY GOODNESS! I've been waiting for someone to ask this.

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: To preface: I am currently a student in college. In the past, I was public schooled and homeschooled. Best of both worlds right? Here is how you navigate this answer because I made it so daggon long (sorry i'm passionate lol): So there is the first paragraph bit that is a little bit about my homeschool joureny, and why I homeschool initially. You don't have to read that. After that, why homeschooling is better that public school is sorted into points, so you can read the ones that apply to you :)

(Okay I get this part probably isn't relavant to your question, so feel free to skip it, go to the next part) There are pros and cons to homeschooling. Here is a little bit about my journey to give you some. I have 3 brothers (only girl here). One of my brothers is on the Autisic spectrum, and was told by doctors FROM BIRTH that he would never be able to get an education. We proved them wrong, and he went through public elementary and middle school. When he got to highschool, he wasn't the best test-taker. He could do the work, and pass, but he couldn't take the SOLs and exams. They told us yet again, he won't be able to graduate. He can get a GED, but no diploma. My mother wasn't having it. He was ABLE to do the work, he just could do the tests. So she pulled all three of my siblings and me into homeschooling, and as Christians we homeschooled under religious exemption. That's a fancy way of saying that we as students were exempt from taking tests and could STILL get a diploma. My brother is now graduated with his highschool diploma, and going further than the doctors ever thought he could. So that's a plus one :) (I feel the need to say that I and my other two brothers DID taking all of the required tests and exams for a diploma)

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PART 2/3 Homeschooling is beautiful. I guess I'm biased, and it does have it's cons, but it's so so so flexable. Depending on what reason you are homeschooling, there are different reasons why it's better. Here are the main points as to why it's better in certian senarios:

BULLYING/SOCIALLITY: Ah, homeschool. The biggest steriotype there is. Most people think we homeschoolers awkward, anti-scocial, and odd human beings. Truth is, some are. Not all though. Deppression, anxiety, disorders of all sorts often stem from the hard social aspects of public school, not to mention the tight schedule and insane expectations. Homeschool is a great option. Here's the thing, the magical key people don't know about: WE STILL SOCIALIZE!! What?!?! It's crazy, I know. Most communites have these lovely things called Co-Op's. A Co-Op can be a thing where 5 or 6 families meet in somones house to learn the same cirriculum together and it ranges to be something more along the lines of a private school (minus the $$$$). So, for my homeschooling carrer I went to an Acadamy (Co-Op of homeschoolers with real teachers) for a lot of my classes, before I completely duel enrolled at my community college. Do some research, and i'm sure you will find something! There are alsp some interactive online classes you can take, and they are in the comfort of your own home, while still making friends. (Not to mention homeschoolers still do sports, clubs, and actually make friends, sooooo, you know. Where not that wierd...) SET YOUR OWN PACE! : Maybe you're a slow learner. Perfect. In homeschooling, you can learn at your own pace, go as slow as you need, and still finish with the rest. Take the time on the subjects that are hard, zoom through topics that are easier. You're as smart cookie? Perfect. You can take honors, ap, and all sorts of adavanced classes, and learn your perfect level. Not that smart? Perfect. You can just go through at a quicker pace than public school does. At the end, you can learn in a way that is completely taylored to you, and it's freaking awesome. (Again, the bias, I know, but it is!!!)

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PART 3/3

WANNA ALL THE FANCY STUFF ON YOUR RESUME?: Perfect! There are these fancy advanced dimplomas that are really easy to get when you're in homeschooling. Public schools make it a whole process, but in Homeschooling, it's so much easier! Do it! Guys, I had my assoiciates degree from college when I was 17 years old. I'm not that smart, I just worked my way up fast. COLLEGES LOVE US: I could ramble on for four pages, but I won't. IVY leage schools? They. Adore. Homeschoolers. Universitys of all kinds? Yeah, them too. Do a quick Google search and you'll find that homeschoolers have a pretty good rep when it come s to college applications! I could go on, but I'm not going to. If you have any specific questions or points you wanna hear about, please ask and I'll do my best! There are some ways that Public Schooling can be better, but please please please, if you are considering homeschooling, you your research! It is the best choice we ever made. Let me know if I can help with anything else, I'm an open book! ~River (overly enthusiastic and passionate about homeschooling, and not to mention, doing some hardcore procrastination right now)

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Q: How is homeschooling better than public schools?
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Why public schools are better than homeschooling?

One benefit of public schools is that the children have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers instead of just their siblings. Another benefit is that the education is more diverse.

How is public schools better than homeschooling?

its because you build a better social skills Not all social skills. Public school is better because you can have fun, and you are prepared for the real world.

Are public schools better than private schools?

Public schools are usually better than private schools because they are free and have better education. It depends on the public school.

Is homeschooling better than pubic schools?

I reckon that public schools are better. Although Home-schooling gives one to one tuition, a public school school also builds up a social background and life. I agree.

Is Homeschooling better than private schools?

Yes, you will be taught at your own pace.

In kid's opinion is homeschooling better or public schools?

I don't know if I would be considered a kid or not, but I am in that age group, and I think homeschooling is better than pubic schools. You get more one on one time, therefore, I think, you learn more. You also get to go on field trips more and do science experiments more.

Are online schools better than public schools or are public schools easier than online schools why?

Public schools are best because they teach social skills

Are traditional schools better than public schools?


What is the percentage of students who drop out of homeschooling?

it's much less than the pecentage that drop out of public high schools

Are private high schools really better than public high schools?

Private High Schools tend to graduate more students than public high schools, but public high schools in rural area fare much better than public high schools in more urban areas.

Is there help with the cost of homeschooling your child?

Yes- there are some online public schools available for free, varying by state. You may need to get software for this, but it is less expensive than other homeschooling.

Is public school better than private school?

The private schools are the best becaus the kids talk and act better than they do at public schools

Is Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools better than public schools?

YES! much better because the education is much higher than what effort is put in public schools.

Why are private schools better than public schools?

Whether or not private schools are better than public schools is a matter of opinion and depends on many factors. No doubt some private schools are better than public schools and some are not. In fact, some public schools are excellent and surpass private schools. The value of any school has to be taken on a case by case basis after examining factors like how much students are learning, how good the teachers are and other factors.Some opinions about private and public schools are:They're not. Really, public schools are better than private because it's free, and the overall education is better.Public schools have better education!

Are public schools as effective as private school?

No, private schools are much better and more effective than public schools.

Why is Homeschooling way better than Public School and cons of public school?

Homeschooling is better than Public schools because in homeschool, you can feel free to ask questions and be bully-free because of how people are these days. It gives you time to rest, because people need time to rest instead of getting up early in the morning, unlike in public schools you have to get up really early in the morning, some students don't even eat breakfast because they have no time to eat. But homeschool gives you time to get up whenever you want and to eat whenver you want. Hoped that helped! :)

Public schools better then homeschooling?

I would personally disagree with this statement. I feel homeschooling or home education is better because the learning can be tailored to the childs needs, they have more opportunities to get out into the real world than those in a school, and spend more time with family, who they already have a close bond with instead of in a hostile and unforgiving school environment.

Are privatised schools better?

They're usually safer than public schools but they're not necessarily better.

Public schools are better than homeschool?


How is public schooling better than homeschooling?

It isn't, truly. It all depends on the child to be taught and the teacher(s) at hand as to which is better suited for them (the child).

Reason why public school is better than homeschooling?

Public school is better than homeschooling for some families. I am a homeschooling parent. For the most part, I think homeschooling is a great thing. Most of the families I have seen are very dedicated, do the work with the kids, take their kids out and make sure they are well socialized, and have a lot of fun. However, I have seen a family or two that don't sit down with the kids to do the work or get their kids out of the house to be around friends or are involved in social situations. In these cases, it is probably better for the child to attend regular school.

Are public schools better than home schools?

Public schools have more students and teachers to help your education. Home schools are good also, and they provide you online tutoring.

Why is homeschool better than public school?

I am homeschooled and I have answered a few questions just like the one that you've asked. Homeschooling is not nessisarily better, but it is easier to concintrate on the work at hand. Our teacher is our mom. She helps us when we are stumped. Homeschooling is fun, but I wouldn't call it better.

Why is public school better than homeschooling?

Certainly not all public schools are better (or worse) than all home schooling. Public schools introduce the student to the problems and benefits of interfacing with other students, perhaps preparing them for the world. But then this may have its problems too. The best we can say is that everything has its benefits and difficulties.You get to join all these cool classes, mingle with other people you don't even know... and someday that guys gonna be famous and you're gonna be too!

Do Catholic schools get a better eduvcation then public schools?

yes they do sometimes, Atherton high school in louisville is a public school and they are way better than St X or trinity