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it is the special gene combination of hybrid organisms that produces their desired trait.

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Q: How is hybrid vigor caused by genetic variability?
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What are the release dates for Hybrid Vigor - 2014?

Hybrid Vigor - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

How do you use the word vigor in a sentence?

I am amazed that the elderly people have so much vigor. This is the first study that has looked at hybrid vigor in any crop on such a large scale.

When a crossbred animal outproduces the average of the parents is known as?

It is known as Hybrid Vigor.

What is the definition of hybrid vigor?

When you cross breed two animals and the offspring becomes superior to the parents.

Is there genetic advancement to get healthy child from cousin couple?

Hybrid vigor? No, not that I've heard of, not in humans, anyway. The trouble with that kind of inbreeding that you may have heard of is that there's a given amount of "culls" that while acceptable in animals is not acceptable in humans.

True or false hybrids are often hardier than either of the parents?

True. It is called hybrid vigor.

What is change in hybridization?

If you mean what change would be seen in hybridization, the most hoped for change would be what is called hybrid vigor.

Why does a mule work better than a horse?

Because a mule has what is called hybrid vigor. Meaning that the mule typicaly has more stamina and can out preform a horse.

Is there a prefix for vigor?

There is no prefix for vigor.

What would cause the battery light to remain lit on a 1992 Acura Vigor?

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How do you use vigor in a sentence?

"he plays tennis with great vigor"; "he's full of vigor"

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What part of speech is vigor?

Vigor is a noun.

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What size mule do you get when you breed a miniature stud donkey to a female horse Do they get their size from the donkey or horse?

This cross produces a larger size than the donkey. Also since it is a hybrid, there is hybrid vigor so that it is possible for the cross to be larger than either parent.

What is the difference between hybridization and genetic engineering?

There is a good reason why you are confused. >In a sense genetic engineering and hybridization both accomplish the >same >thing - they both result in new genetic types. >The difference is in how they acccomplish this. > >Hybrids come from seeds that are developed by cross-pollinating >specific >parental types so that the next generation will be a very uniform crop >with >hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is typically observed in outcrossing >species >(grasses and grains for example) when two very different inbred lines >are >cross pollinated. The hybrid gets half of its genes from each parent. > >Genetic engineering usually refers to biotechnological methods that >can be >used to insert a very small piece of genetic material (DNA) so that >the >resulting plants can be nearly identical to the parent, except for the >gene >or genes that were inserted. > >Nowadays, some hybrids may have genes that are artificially inserted, >using >high tech biotechnology methods. But, generally speaking, hybrids >are not >genetically engineered, that is , not using high-tech or >biotechnology. >> >In some sense though, plant breeders have been genetically engineering >crops >for hundreds of years, because they have been using traditional >hybridization (cross pollination) techniques to obtain new >(recombinant) types. > >I hope this explanation is helpful.

A sentence for vigor?

my bother is very vigor at playing tennis My brother plays tennis vigorously. He plays cricket with great vigor, too. (Vigor is a noun.)

What is plant vigor?

Plant vigor is the health and strength of a plant. If a plant is strong and grows with no issues, it has vigor.

What is the exercises of organic vigor?

example of organic vigor

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