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matter is not related to inertia.

Mass is.

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All matter has inertia. The inertia of an object is proportional to the amount of mass (or matter) contained in the object.

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Q: How is inertia related to matter?
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What matter property is related to inertia?

i think the property of matter inertia is related to is its mass.......the more the mass the less will be the inertia.....

What property of matter is inertia related?

i think the property of matter inertia is related to is its mass.......the more the mass the less will be the inertia.....

When an astronaut lands on the moon his inertia would be less more or same?

Inertia is related to MASS. MASS is a property of matter. Matter is the same on the Earth or on the Moon. Therefore his inertia would be the same.

Is weight of a body is a measure of inertia?

No, a body's inertia is related to its mass and movement. Weight is related to a body's mass in a gravity field without movement.

The property of matter that resists change in motion?

That is called inertia. Inertia is directly related to mass, so it can be expressed in kilograms.

What is the property of all matter and it is directly related to how much matter or mass you have?

Could be one of two things: * Inertia; * Gravitational attraction. Both apply to all matter and are directly related to the mass.

What is the tendency of matter to resist change in motion?

Inertia: the property of matter that resists changes in motion.

How are inertia mass and force related?

Inertia is matter's unwillingness to slow down, speed up, or change direction in any way. It is also related to the matter's momentum. Momentum is caused by the body's velocity as well as the body's direction. If the velocity of the matter is increasing, or the body changes its direction, it can be said that the body of mass is experiencing inertia. When the body is accelerating (changing in velocity), the momentum of the matter is also changing (F=ma), thus mass and acceleration is related by momentum through inertia.

Property of matter that resist change?

Inertia inertia

Is inertia for non living object?

No. Inertia is a property of matter and it makes no difference as to weather that matter is living or not.

Properties of matter affect inertia?

Mass affects the properties of inertia

Is plasticine matter?

yes as anything that has inertia is matter.